Best Kept Secrets to Get More Motivated Sellers Contacting You


Best Kept Secrets to Get More Motivated Sellers Contacting You

Kathy Kennebrook

Getting motivated sellers to contact you is essential to any successful real estate investor’s business. A truly motivated seller is the key to a good deal, the more motivated the seller, the better the deal. You will find very quickly, as I did, that you will be able to buy a lot more houses at much better prices with the terms that you want when the seller contacts you first.

Marketing to sellers is also a numbers’ game, the more motivated sellers you are able to locate, the more motivated sellers you will have contacting you, and the more opportunities you will have to make good deals. The secret is in learning how to find truly motivated sellers.

Whom exactly are you going to be marketing to? Motivation comes in many forms and sellers will sell for a variety of reasons. Some reasons have to do with the sellers themselves, such as age, health status, job situations, financial difficulties, change in family size or change in marital status. Other reasons might have to do with the property itself, such as an estate, a property that needs too much work, or a property that has been vacant for a significant period of time.

How do you find these sellers and how should you market to them? The best way I have found to do this is by using direct mail to reach these very motivated sellers. The BIG secret is doing these direct mail campaigns over and over to the same potential sellers. As you will discover, given time, almost every potential sellers’ circumstances change and make them more ready to sell.

I also find that these mailings are very residual. These potential sellers will hold onto your direct mail pieces until their circumstances dictate that they contact you. The amazing thing is that when they are ready, they will contact YOU first since they probably have not had any contact from anyone else, since usually their properties are not being actively marketed. Since they are not being actively marketed, there is virtually no competition for these deals.
This makes it even easier for you to make a good deal.

The biggest part of the secret is to find the sellers who really want to sell. I use different mail campaigns to locate several types of motivated sellers. The best way for you to build your business quickly is to use a number of different methods to draw motivated sellers simultaneously. This can be best be done by locating mailing lists and refining them to meet your specific criteria, and then mail to them over and over.

When you learn how to get motivated sellers contacting you and then learn how to purchase properties using a number of different methods, the possibilities become almost endless. If you use several different methods to get motivated sellers calling you, you will have more opportunities than you will be able to handle. You get to pick and choose the deals that you want to do!

Using direct mail campaigns and developing a “cookie cutter” system to accomplish this is one of most affordable, reliable, and effective ways that I know to build your business quickly and have more motivated sellers contacting you than you will be able to handle.

Kathy Kennebrook is the ultimate success story. She spent 12 years in the banking industry and another ten in sales, logging thousands of miles each year, before discovering the world of real estate. After attending some real estate seminars and club meetings, this 4 foot 11 mother of two, got really excited and turned on. Before you know it, she’d bought and sold over 200 single family houses using none of her own money or credit.

Along the way she discovered a direct mail system that drives in motivated sellers by the herds, begging her to buy their properties. She’s become the expert at finding motivated sellers using many types of direct mail marketing and she’s put together a simple step by step system that anyone can follow to duplicate her success.

The secrets that she’s discovered will increase your business several fold if you implement them and make it easier for you to find the highest number of motivated sellers with the least amount of work. The philosophy “The Less I Do, The More I Make” is incorporated into her life and into the system she has developed.

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