Kathy Kennebrook is Working On Some New Leads In Her Real Estate Investing Business

So I am starting out with a very busy new year. Lots of great leads coming in from direct mail marketing and several other types of lead generation tools we use in our real estate investing business. The whole idea is to get lots of motivated sellers contacting us first so we get to pick the deals we want to do.

I have been making offers on properties, primarily single family homes and our latest rehab starts on Monday. That home will be on the market for sale in a couple of weeks. In the last year we purchased several keepers as well. Our goals change from year to year as our business grows and as we get older. That’s the beauty of doing deals the way I teach you to do them. You get to build your business the way you want to according to your personal needs and wants.

This year we will be doing more rehab and retail type deals. I don’t wholesale properties that much anymore since we have an awesome crew working on the rehabs and we get to keep all the money from the deal instead of just a wholesale fee. For all the information you need on marketing to find highly motivated sellers check out my website at www.marketingmagiclady.com While you are there be sure and sign up for my free monthly newsletter!!

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