Kathy Kennebrook Talks About Buying Vacant Land for Your Real Estate Investing Business

We sold another piece of vacant land today. We have the best sales team ever!! These are properties that are located about 4 hours from where we live. Most of the folks who are buying our vacant pieces of land are using them for vacation getaways, either to camp on or bring the motor home. They are being advertised all over the country. This is a part of the market that almost no real estate investors are working.

The direct mail campaign that we use to buy these is absolutely amazing!! It is a very targeted specific mailing to sellers who want to work with us. One of our last mailings of 149 pieces netted 17 responses and we bought 8 pieces of vacant land. Some we lease out and others we sell.

I love leasing vacant land, no insurance, no hassle, And I don’t have to worry about hurricanes or any of that stuff. Some of the types of leasing we have done are to billboard companies and companies that collect pine straw. We also to lease to a gentleman using the land for a worm farm. Another gentleman put a steel building on the land to use as a canoe outpost. The whole concept of dealing in vacant land is a seminar all by itself. For all the information you need on buying property check out my website at
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