Kathy Kennebrook Updates On What Is Going On With Her Coaching Students and Their Real Estate Investing Businesses

So I just finished my Tuesday night coaching calls. My students are accomplishing amazing things. I have two fairly new coaching students who have started their marketing campaigns and have gotten very profitable deals under contract. They love the fact that they can run their deals by me first to make sure they are getting the best deal possible and using the right paperwork. I have a couple of other coaching students who have been real estate investors for a very long time but really like having a plan of action and specific accountability from week to week.

If you are looking to really expand your business and work with someone you can count on to help you I have just two open coaching spots at this point. I don’t overfill my coaching because you work directly with me, I don’t pawn you off on someone else to coach you. You also have unlimited email access besides scheduled weekly calls. I work on your specific goals, need and deals so my coaching program is unique to each individual. I am so motivated by what my folks are doing in their businesses.

If you are interested in coaching with me and taking your real estate investing business to the next level, you need to get hold of me ASAP. I have a very limited number of total spots and I only have two available right now since I have a couple of students who just finished their commitment with me. Email me for more information at kathyk@marketingmagiclady.com. You will be glad you did!!

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