Kathy Kennebrook Has Just 2 Slots Open In Her Coaching Program For The Real Estate Investor

Due to overwhelming Response From my Students…..I am making a Special Offer And Opening my Personal Coaching Program to 2 More Students!!

I am a 4′ 11″ Woman, Who’s Bought Hundreds of Houses in the Last Several Years, Who Quietly Attracts Real Estate Investors Who Happily Duplicate My Successes for Themselves—Even in Today’s Economy. They are making thousands of dollars in profitable deals!

Discover How “Kathy Kennebrook’s
Take Action Mentoring Program” Combines
1. Action
2. Accountability
3. Focus, and Formulas
4. Personal Mentoring From me
5. The Very Best Real Estate Marketing Materials
6. Creates a long term marketing plan for your business
7. Automated Systems
8. Personal help negotiating with your sellers
9. Helping you get your properties sold quickly
10. Finding Private Lenders for your business
To Create a 1-2 Punch That Will Supercharge Your Investing and Literally FORCE You To Put More Money in “Front Pocket National Bank” Each and Every Month— While You Work Less and Less…
Again and again people who “failed” in the other systems come to me to “get FIXED up” and turn into wonderful SUCCESSES with me, my proven systems, my marketing, and especially my coaching! Email me for more details and pricing at kpaddler@att.net

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