Kathy Kennebrook Discusses Responses From Motivated Sellers For The Real Estate Investor Using Direct Mail Marketing

So I have been hearing a lot of folks talking about how to respond to sellers by phone. First of all these calls need to be answered live, not sent to a VA or an answering service. It is too important to get the information you need and make sure the seller is comfortable with the person they are working with. Alot of direct mail campaigns give folks a phone number to call or a 24 hour recorded message. But there is a much better way to prescreen sellers WITHOUT them calling you!!!!

When you do direct mail marketing my way, you get direct responses from the seller by email, mail, fax and phone giving you all the information you need in order to determine if there is a deal to be made. Folks the prescreening is already done for you and you are filtering out the sellers who are not serious about selling their properties.

This is the only way I would consider doing direct mail. If I am investing money in letter, labor and postage, it is going to bring me the highest number of quality leads possible!!!

Check out my website at www.marketingmagiclady.com or PM me for more information. Stop wasting your money on generic mailings that bring in tons of dead deals! Go for the Gold or don’t bother mailing!

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