Kathy Kennebrook Tip Of the Day For The Real Estate Investor- Quick Meals So You Can Do More Deals

So tonight we decided to try the Publix Apron Meals that you buy and make at home. All of the pieces for the meal are in the bag when you buy it except for butter and oil. They feed either 2 people or 4 people and it’s marked on the bag. We had the Skirt Steak tonight with au gratin potatoes and mixed veggies ( Asparagus, onion and peppers) It was about 20 minutes start to finish. Jay and I had a great time making it together. These meals would be so easy for us at Spillers. Cost is between 12 dollars and twenty dollars. Skirt steak was $20.00. It was delicious!! We had steak left over it was too much food so tomorrow night we are making steak and eggs. We will definately be trying these again. They rotate them every month so each month the meals are different and they make them in the store at the apron station so you can try before you buy. This was super fun!!! The meals are also by varying degrees of difficulty based on number of steps, this one was super simple. We used a skillet with olive oil for the meat and the microwave for the rest.

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