Kathy Kennebrook Teaches A One Day At the OREIA Convention In OHIO November 1-4 2018

If you are going to be anywhere in the Ohio area on November 1-4 you need to make sure you get to OREIA. This is going to be an amazing event with tons of great speakers. I have spoken at this event over the years but this is the first time I am teaching a full day on Thursday. You are going to learn how to fill your pipeline with more sellers and more deals than you ever thought possible. I am also going to be teaching negotiation strategies, how to automate your systems, how to work together with your spouse or partner and lots more. We are going to build a plan for you that is going to create deal after deal. BE THERE!! There is a wonderful banquet and lots of awesome activities and vendors. Check it out and get registered NOW!!! Hold your spot to come and see me on Thursday I’m thinking it’s going to be a full house since I have never done a one day in Ohio before!! www.oreiaconvention.com Register Today!!!!

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