Kathy Kennebrook Tells Real Estate Investors – Don’t Leave Thousands At The Closing Table

Tip For The Day- I have always advocated checking your closing documents carefully including the HUD for each closing that you do and I always do…I thought. I got a call from my title company on Friday and they told me they are auditing old files. They found a mistake in my favor from a closing in 2015 and they are sending us a check. A vendor got paid twice, once outside of closing and also from the closing funds. They never cashed the check from the funds they recieved from the title company and those funds are due to me. So folks let me remind you again that you really need to check each HUD carefully before closing so you are not leaving funds at the closing table. For more information on all the tools you need for your real estate investing business be sure and check out my website at www.marketingmagiclady.com

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