Marketing For The Real Estate Investor Using Direct Mail and Other Techniques To Locate Motivated Sellers Is The Back Bone of Your Real Estate Investing Business!

As the year comes to close we have been super busy in our real estate investing business making offers and closing deals. There is just something about the end of the year that truly motivates me. We have closed on the sale of some properties this month and my private lenders want their money back out working so I am sure that is part of the motivation.

If you do not have a solid marketing plan in your business as we come into 2019, you need to get your plan together quickly. Marketing and finding the sellers, the deals and the buyers is the backbone of your business. Without these important components you are doomed to fail. Take the time to check out my website at for all of the tools you need to grow your business in the coming year. I even offer a one on one personal coaching program to help you succeed. Check it out! While you are on the website be sure and sign up for my FREE monthly newsletter!!!!

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