Kathy Kennebrook Discusses Being Successful in Your Real Estate Investing Business

I have been seeing so many negative or political posts on all of my social media sites lately. Can I give all of my friends some advice? Turn off the TV, stop reading the newsfeeds and half of the posts on facebook and other social media sites and get out there and do what makes you happiest and most successful! In other words follow your bliss!

The only thing that is guaranteed is today, everything else is iffy at best so enjoy the right now to it’s very fullest! In my real estate investing business I pay very little attention to anything that is going on anywhere but in the market I work in. All the rest of it just doesn’t really matter. What is so critical and important today will be a memory in a week, a month or a year. So get out there, do what you do best and let the rest roll off your shoulders. Make it a great day!

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