Creating Successful Direct Mail Campaigns To Motivated Sellers For The Real Estate Investor

I have been getting alot of questions on how to create successful direct mail campaigns. While there is a lot of information I could cover on this subject, the short answer is simply this.

Pick your targeted prospects by deciding which sellers you want to work with and what kinds of deals you would like to do, use a very targeted list (my lists are honed by using specific criteria to find the most highly motivated sellers), create a letter with language that targets the prospects you are mailing to, and then most importantly use a response mechanism within the body of your letter that tells the seller exactly what you want them to do and what information you need in order to determine whether there is a deal.

When you receive the responses from the sellers they are prescreened for you. This last step is where most investors fail miserably. When my responses come back from my sellers I have all the information I need and photos to determine if there is a deal there. The more information a seller gives you the more motivated they are.

Then take the time to follow up with semi motivated sellers. This will make you thousands of dollars more in your real estate investing business. For all the information and tools you need to create successful direct mail campaigns check out my website at When you order my Marketing Magic System be sure and use coupon code “magic” to recieve a 15% discount on my system

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