How To Get High Response Rates From Your Direct Mail Marketing and Find Even More Motivated Sellers

Good Afternoon Everyone! I was just thinking about a question I got a lot at last night’s meeting in Tampa and that is “How do you get such high reponse rates from your Direct Mail?” The answer is simple my friends.

First of all you need to make sure the list is solid and current. Next there are specific criteria that we use to create each list depending on what kind of motivated seller we are trying to attract. This means we are honing in on the most highly motivated sellers within each list.

Then I use very specific letters with specific language targeting the sellers I am trying to reach. I also tell the sellers exactly what I want them to do and what information I need in order to create the deal. So not only do we get high response rates, the responses from my mailings also have the information from the seller that I need about their property so the deals are prescreened for me.

So if you take the time to create a successful direct mail campaign, your letters will continue to churn out deal after deal. If you want all the information and tools to create really successful direct mail campaigns with a multitude of sellers take the time to invest in my Marketing Magic System which you can find on my website at

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