Implementing A Tenant Referral Program In Your Real Estate Investing Business Will Bring You A Ton Of New Deals

So how many folks are using a tenant referral system in your real estate investing business?? I mean using your tenants as bird dogs to bring you deals. If you are not using this amazing technique you are missing out on a huge number of new leads for your business.

I have developed a letter that we send to all of our tenants twice a year reminding them that we pay for leads. So basically, if a tenant brings me a lead and I close on it I give our tenants a “credit” of a certain amount toward their rent the following month. And how much that is becomes entirely up to you.

Folks you don’t know what your tenants know. We have one tenanat who brings us leads and deals because he works at a home improvement store. We have another tenant who has brought us 3 deals already because she is greedy and likes those credits. AND you don’t pay for the leads until you close on the deal.

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