Kathy Kennebrook Discusses a Current Deal She Is Buying From Direct Mail Marketing

I am working on a deal today from a response from my direct mail campaigns. This is a story I have heard before.

The seller inherited a home from a relative whose home she has never seen and she does not live here in Florida where the home is. She just got the assessment for the upcoming tax bill and she is upset. She doesn’t want the house and she doesn’t want to pay the tax bill. And she has gotten notified by the county that the grass needs to be cut.

We will be buying this one for sure. I am sending her photos of the property and a contract and a mini credibility kit so she can check us out and be really comfortable that we can close. Targeted direct mail marketing just works! When you take the time to implement your mail campaigns they are a machine that just churns out deal after deal.

For all the information you need on finding tons of deals with desperate motivated sellers check out my website at www.marketingmagiclady.com. While you are there be sure to sign up for my free monthly newsletter!

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