Why Kathy Kennebrook Loves Real Estate Investing!

Once again I am reminded why I got into real estate investing in the first place. Besides helping people and buying great houses, town homes, multi families and vacant land it provides a really great income for us and gives us a lot of free time to pursue other interests we have.

Last night we had to take one of our cats to the emergency vet at 9 pm. But not once did we have to think about what his care might cost us, we just took care of our furry boy. When they needed to do x-rays and more testing the answer was “go for it” They told us that a lot of times folks just can’t afford to take care of their animals and it makes their job so much harder. They ended up having to administer several medications and rehydrate him so it wasn’t a cheap visit by any means but that was okay.  Paying for his care was no problem for us.

He is doing much better today thank goodness, we didn’t get home until until almost 1 am this morning. I truly admire the folks who work in those emergency Vet Clinics!

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