How Kathy Kennebrook Finds All The Motivated Sellers and Lenders She Needs For Her Real Estate Investing Business!

I just had a new private lender call me a few minutes ago and ask me if I needed some money for deals. He heard about me from another private lender I work with who came from one of my direct mail campaigns. We do a specific very targeted direct mail campaign to certain attorneys who bring us deals and funding for our deals. This is such a great way to increase the number of deals you are doing in your real estate investing business!

This is also the whole reason that you run your business with integrity and look in the right places for private lenders and deals. One of my direct mail campaigns brings me private lenders pretty regularly. I love not having to hunt down money for deals and not having to hunt down motivated sellers.

For all the information you need on finding all the private lenders and motivated sellers for your real estate investing business check out my website at While you are there be sure and sign up for my FREE monthly newsletter that comes with gifts!!!

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