Kathy Kennebrook Discusses Her Latest Deal With a Motivated Seller From Direct Mail Marketing

It is so satisfying and sometimes a little sad working with motivated sellers who have a problem they need us to solve. This Lady I worked with today inherited a home from her Mom and she had heart strings attached so she wasn’t ready to sell it but she couldn’t afford the payments on it either.

So she let her son live in the home and he was supposed to make the payments on it but he and his buddies pretty much destroyed it and now she is done. She is sad, frustrated and angry all at the same time.

We will be able to buy this one, fix it up and sell it to someone who will love it again. And the daughter will walk away with some money in her pocket and her problem solved.

Interestingly her Mom had gotten a letter from us some time ago and stuck it in a drawer. The daughter who contacted us found the letter in the drawer. You never know where your next deal is coming from but direct mail is just so incredibly residual!

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