Rehabbing Historic Homes

Good Morning Everyone! So last night we were watching one of my favorite programs-This Old House Trade School and it got me to thinking about all the really cool historic homes we have rehabbed and sold over the years. The oldest home we rehabbed was built in 1893. Very historic, wonderful architecture and a really interesting rehab. it was a two story home on 3/4 acre which is not the norm where I live.

It’s very challenging at times trying to find items to bring these vintage homes back to as close to original as we could other than updating the kitchen and baths. We worked with Salvage places to find some of the items we needed.

We also found many historic items in the attic of this particular home and those items went to various local museums, we were honored to be a part of that.

There are motivated sellers everywhere and with every kind of home you can imagine. And by the way this home came to mind because we ended up owning it twice over the years. What is the oldest home you have rehabbed??

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