Coaching Available For Kathy Kennebrook’s Students

I am looking forward to coaching calls tonight to see what my students have been up to all week. Coaching calls were amazing last night!! My students keep me so excited and motivated!

Susan just got a house under contract that she plans to wholesale. It will be about a $20,000 profit for her. And she is continuing to implement some creative marketing as well as direct mail. We are working on building her wholesaling business so she has cash coming in right now.

And Alan just sent out his first mailing to out of state owners of vacant land last week so I am excited to see what kind of responses we have gotten so far. All of my coaching students are doing really well. They are all at various levels in their real estate investing businesses.

I only offer coaching on a limited basis since I am personally vested in my students success so it’s time consuming. I offer a very limited number of coaching spots. Message me personally at about my coaching, right now I only have one spot available on Monday.

I offer a six month coaching program with my students which includes unlimited access by email and weekly coaching calls.

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