What Attributes Are You Looking For In A Realtor For Your Real Estate Investing Business??

I saw a post recently where someone asked what attributes you should be looking for in a Realtor you want to have on your real estate investing team. I thought that was a great question.

The first thing is someone who is experienced and “hungry”. The more interested they are in working with you the more money you both make. Realtors should be providing expired listings for you, Realtors should bring you leads on listings before they are listed.

Your realtor should be actively looking for deals you might be interested and they should bring you deals they can’t list for whatever reason (like too close to the foreclosure date or real rehabbers) Your realtor should send you lists daily of specific types of deals you are looking for. When you do make an offer they need to submit it quickly for you and follow up diligently. They should also have a ready buyers list and be able to match homes you have for sale with buyers.

When they list a property for you on MLS, the listing should be clear, concise, with a great description and good clear photos. Your realtor should also help you with comps when you need them.

I actually created a CD with an interview with one of my realtors who has been working with me for almost 20 years. I provide a copy of that interview CD to any new realtor I plan to bring on board to work with me. My realtor has even met inspectors at homes I am buying if I am not available to do it. All in all if you create a great relationship from the beginning this is a person who should be a member of your team for the long term.

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