Kathy Kennebrook’s First Vacant Land Deal

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On a completely different subject today, here is the first piece of “vacant” land we bought many years ago, back in 2006. You can see why the seller wanted to dispose of this one. We bought it for $1,000 down and $100 per month until paid. It was 2 acres and it was a corner lot.

I learned a technique during this time which would allow us to have this yucky old trailer or any other old yucky structure removed at no cost to us. And we got a tax deduction as well. This changed the way we buy vacant land forever. It allows us to buy vacant land no one else wants to deal with including the seller. We bought this 2 acres for dimes on the dollar, got rid of the yucky trailer, partially cleared it and attached it to another piece we owned next door.

We have bought, sold and leased many pieces of vacant land since that time. It’s just an additional stream of income for us.

For all the information you need on buying, selling and most importantly leasing vacant land including this special technique check out my website at www.vacantlandgold.com You can also check out the podcast I just did with Mitch Stephen which you can find at www.1000homes.com.

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