Kathy Kennebrook Shares Her Latest Vacant Land Deal

We sold another piece of vacant land today. It was a full price offer, buyer pays half of closing costs, so I didn’t even know about it until the contract showed up in my inbox this afternoon.

It’s 1/2 acre in a subdivision in a rural area. Just land, not cleared, no utilities and it’a on a dirt road. We did nothing to it except list it and sell it. Owners in the subdivision can either put a mobile home on it or build a home. My buyer is going to build a home on it. I am excited for him and I am excited for us because it’s a nice profit on a piece of land we didn’t own very long and one simple piece of direct mail to find this one and others.

Total profit on this one will be around $6,900. That’s the cool thing about buying and selling vacant land, when you buy for dimes on the dollar not every sale has to be a home run. Kind of a buy low sell low on this particular piece.

Larger pieces of land bring bigger paychecks. Total cost of the mailing to locate this property and three others so far was $147.00. Yeah……I’m good!!!

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