How to Find Additional Profits in Houses You Buy

So I was working on “decluttering” here at home today. I tackled another closet and found an obscure LP worth $400.00 in a stack of albums I was going through. I found some others worth money but this one surprised me. I listed it on e-bay this afternoon. I already got a couple of offers on it, but nothing I am willing to settle for yet. I should have just listed it buy it now ? It just goes to show you though, don’t just pitch stuff without checking it out first. The album I found was from 1969, am I aging myself????

If you are a real estate investor and you are buying estate houses, you also need to go through stuff left in houses before you just pitch it or donate it. We have found lots of great items to sell from estate houses. That’s just extra profit. We have a person who helps us part time listing items in our e bay store or we sell on facebook market.

We work with lots of motivated sellers and lots of times there are things left in the house when we buy it. For all the information you need on finding all the deals with motivated sellers you could ever need for your real estate investing business, check out my website at While you are there be sure and sign up for my FREE monthly newsletter!!

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