How Are You Marketing To Locate The Highly Motivated Sellers in Your City???

So here is my chuckle for the day. I got postcards from two different investors wanting to buy my house. One postcard referenced a house I haven’t owned in a year. Can you say garbage list? The second post card came from a company that truly should know better. It looks hand written (but it’s not) and the handwriting is terrible. No info about who they are as a company, just a paragraph saying they want to buy my house (which one) and a phone number.

I have actually worked with this company on their marketing but they obviously did not take my advice.What a waste of postage and time. Both post cards are plain black and white, nothing to make them stand out to the average person so in the trash they will go.

Folks, if you want to use marketing that actually works where you actually get a response from the seller with all the information you need to create a deal, check out my website at You will be glad you did, especially in the market we are currently in.

We have been doing good profitable deals with motivated sellers regularly for the last two years. When you are marketing the right way to the right person, it doesn’t matter what your market is doing!!

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