Using Direct Mail to Increase the Number Of Profitable Deals You Are Doing In Your Real Estate Investing Business

So when should you begin your direct mail campaigns??? Right now of course. I have been seeing some really sloppy direct mail pieces come to my mailbox lately. There is just no competition out there, unless they are one of my students and learned how to do direct mail the right way.

There is No response mechanism for the seller to give you the information you need, only one or two ways for the seller to reach them, and some really unprofessional stuff as well.

And whenever property tax bills go out is another really good time to increase the number of direct mail campaigns going out. If you have a seller who has a problem property or they inherited a property they simply don’t want, then having to pay another property tax bill becomes a real motivation for them!

We are getting regular results from our direct mail and we are creating deals with our sellers. For all the information you need on increasing the number of profitable deals coming into your pipeline using direct mail marketing check out my website at My system includes 12 direct mail campaigns that you can customize to reach the most highly motivated sellers in your area so grab your set now!!

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