How Does Kathy Kennebrook Find Deals In Our Current Crazy Market?

I am getting a lot of questions from real estate investors about how we are finding so many real estate deals in our market.

It’s simple. I have 12 specific direct mail campaigns targeting the specific types of sellers we want to work with. Then we have list brokers who provide the lists for us honed by specific criteria to find the most highly motivated sellers within each direct mail campaign.

And most important of all I have a response mechanism within the body of my letters telling the seller exactly what information I need from them in order to determine if there is a deal. They even send me photos of their properties.

All of these factors is what makes what I do unique and successful!! Folks my direct mail is a machine that keeps churning out deals. I even have companies who will do all the work for you!

Check out my website at for all the information you need on creating your marketing machine. When you use coupon code “magic” you will get 15% off of my Marketing Magic System until May 9th so grab my Spring Special today! You also get ME by email for the next 12 months to help you with any marketing questions you may have.

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