Kathy Kennebrook is Working With Coaching Students to Propel Their Real Estate Investing Business To The Next Level!!

Coaching calls come up quickly as the weeks go by so fast!! I love my Monday night real estate investing coaching students. They are so motivated to get deals done and change their lives.

Steve got his first deal done this last week which he wholesaled for $14,000. Not bad for the first one. We set specific goals for him, came up with a plan to accomplish those goals, put a marketing plan in place to help him locate lots of motivated sellers, started working on creating his dream team and got this “little” wholesale deal done!! Congrats Steve, I am so glad to be your coach and help you propel your business to where you want it to be!!!

Steve had been a Marketing Magic Student for a year or so but he needed someone to help him get organized and get his real estate investing business moving. So he jumped into coaching with me. So now I get to really help him get his business where he wants it to be.

That first wholesale deal paid for his coaching and a lot more so he is a happy happy camper!!

For all the information you need to find all the deals you need for your real estate investing business check out my website at www.marketingmagiclady.com You can also contact me personally from the website.

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