Handling Situations in Your Real Estate Business Including Evictions

We are in the middle of evicting a tenant currently. This is the first eviction we have had since 2012. Most of our tenants stay long term because we provide and excellent place to live and a fair lease.

This tenant started out as a great tenant for the first two years and then we don’t know what happened. She just started breaking all the rules including choosing not to pay her rent. Rent was due on the last working day of the month and we filed a three day notice on the 2nd of this month. (There was a weekend in there) We do not fool around!

We will get this one turned around and then on to the next. We have an attorney in place who handles all of our legal matters for us including evictions. Folks your rentals are a business, do NOT get emotionally involved with your tenants or their excuses.

Follow through with whatever you lease states regarding rental payments. If a tenant contacts us and tells us they are going to be late by a day or two, we have a late fee in place to handle that situation. When a tenant completely ignores us and does not pay rent, eviction follows immediately.

This is a gorgeous home in an excellent neighborhood, we won’t have any problem finding someone else who will love the home, and this one will continue to create income for us. Today’s lesson- have your team in place in your business to handle situations like this as they arise. Stick to your guns and follow the contract you have implemented in your rental business.

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