Kathy Kennebrook Does Another Vacant Land Deal This Week

It’s been a busy Week. We just sold another piece of vacant land today, this one I bought using funds from my ROTH IRA. Doing land deals inside your ROTH is a great way to build your future. If you don’t have a ROTH IRA you need to look into it as a way to build your retirement.

This one isn’t a big profit, but a quick flip and some more cash into my ROTH IRA. Frankly I wasn’t expecting to sell this one as quickly as we did. It’a a little 1/2 acre piece of land in a small subdivision in a rural area.

The profit on this one is only about $5,900 but it was an easy deal and I didn’t work very hard to acquire it or sell it. Just a few pieces of very targeted direct mail (under 150 pieces) and we got the deal.

We also have an awesome sales team in place. It will close fairly quickly since the buyers are paying cash. And the buyer is also paying closing costs on the deal.

Folks if you are not doing vacant land deals along with your house deals you really are missing the boat. We do small deals and big deals with vacant land and everything in between as long as the numbers work.

Take a second to check out my website at www.vacantlandgold.com to see what vacant land deals can do for your in your real estate investing business. If you use coupon code “vacant” between now and Monday May 30th you will also get a discount on my system of $200.

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