Driving For Dollars With Kathy Kennebrook

Here are the results from our latest driving for dollars this last weekend so far.

Out of the 10 possible vacant houses we found, 3 of them turned out to be real possibilities. I sent letters to all of them and called 2 of the ones I could easily find phone numbers for.

I got a call back tonight from one of them. He emailed photos over for me to look at and I am going to see the home tomorrow. From the photos I already have a lot of my rehab list done, just a few things I need to check on and I will be making an offer on this one. It’s in a neighborhood that I really like and already own four others.

When you are driving for dollars make sure you do it in the evening or on the weekend because that’s when a larger number of folks are at home. It’s an easy way to sort out the ones that aren’t vacant houses.

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