Kathy Kennebrook Discusses Building Your Dream Team

Good Morning Everyone- so today’s topic is building your Dream Team and why you need to have one. Anyone who has heard me speak anywhere has heard me talk about building a dream team in your business.

So another reason to build a dream team around you is because when you take care of your team…..they take care of you. Many of you know we just had a huge hurricane come through Florida.

So right after the storm our insurance broker called to see if we needed anything. Then on Saturday right after the storm our lawn company came and cleaned up the whole yard…tree debris and all.

Later on Saturday our pool people came and cleaned up our pool (our pool cleaning day is in the middle of the week normally) And this morning our roofer stopped by to see if we needed anything on his way to another appt. (We do in fact have roof damage on our balcony that needs to be fixed)

When you build a good solid team of people around you, they know that you are consistently bringing them business so they will make accommodations to make sure that not only your deals get taken care of first, but they will also take care of you! We have most of the same folks working with us now who started with us in our business twenty years ago. That’s just good business and good planning!

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