Kathy Kennebrook Begins the New Year With Amazing Coaching Sessions With Her Students!

I am getting ready to start coaching calls in a bit. This will be my fourth day of coaching calls this month. I am super excited for these students, some are already very successful real estate investors.

Each coaching call is customized to that persons desires, goals, financial plan, types of deals they are looking for and where they live. I will even talk to sellers and help them put together deals, this is the part of real estate investing that I really love!!!

My own real estate investing business is pretty much on auto pilot (which I also teach my students how to do), so this leaves me extra time to help others become successful.

I do have two coaching spots available at the moment, so if you are looking to propel your business forward, check out the information about my action coaching program on my website or message me privately. Coaching is 6 months at a time with calls every week.

My website is www.marketingmagiclady.com Check it out!!

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