Starting the New Year With Even More Deals With Highly Motivated Sellers

We are starting our new out in a powerful position!!!

I am writing offers on 3 more houses this afternoon. One of them is right next door to a house we bought, rehabbed and flipped three years ago. I have my favorite neighborhoods and this is definitely one of them.

That is one of the unique traits of using very targeted direct mail marketing to find and buy homes from motivated sellers. We target the exact neighborhoods we are looking to buy in and the exact type of potential seller who is much more likely to want to work with us.

And when your systems are automated like ours are, all of this happens without having your hands on it at all. If you want to find all the motivated sellers you can handle for your real estate investing business check out my Marketing Magic System on my website at

If you use coupon code “magic” between today and January 24th, you will receive an additional 15% off your investment in my Marketing Magic System.

Happy New Year!!!

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