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Pre-Paid Legal is one of the most overlooked, yet beneficial tools for the Real Estate Investor and Business Owner. There is no question that investors need quality attorneys that are available to answer unlimited questions on any subject matter, i.e., real estate questions, taxation, interpretations of laws and usury rates, just to name a few. Because I feel so strongly about Pre-Paid Legal I am offering two special bonuses (listed below) when you join today!

As a full time Real Estate Investor Pre-Paid Legal is not only an outstanding tool, but also a necessity. If you have never needed legal representation for your investing business or for yourself or any other business you may own, believe me it is just a matter of time. Owning property in this day and age can most certainly be a liability in every sense of the word. The word “Attorney” puts a certain feeling of uncertainty and fear into our very being.

Not many of us like to call an attorney for advice or help of any sort, as we know upfront, the charges we incur can be astronomical. This puts many of us in a quandary of whether we should spend the money for attorney fees or to take the risk of not having council, by doing without the cost or expense and unfortunately without the professional assistance that we might need or require. Many of you have heard of Pre-Paid Legal but really know very little about how it can help you in your business.

In many states throughout the country Pre-Paid Legal offers plans that cover many of the concerns you may have as a business owner or individual. This Rider attaches to the “Expanded Family Plan” and in combination enables the investor and his family to have the benefits that I have listed below.

1. Unlimited questions answered for business or personal matters.
2. Three letters drafted per month on behalf of your business. Unlimited calls or letters made for you and your family. * One per subject matter.
3. Up to three initial debt collection letters written per month on your behalf for your business.
4. You can have three contracts or documents up to fifteen pages in length, per month, reviewed by your provider law firm.
5. Also included with your Business Rider is unlimited small business consulting service through
6. Included in your coverage with the “Expanded Family Plan” is pre-paid trial protection that is included as part of your membership. This benefit grows each year you stay a member with Pre-Paid Legal totaling up to 335 hours by your fifth year.
7. Automobile representation for you and your family no matter where you had the accident or the ticket occurred.
8. Have your Last Will and testament and your Living Will created as part of your family plan benefits. If you already have these important documents in place then they can be updated free of charge with your membership.
9. As part of the business rider you will have consultation service for your small business. This service is provided free as part of your membership through

There are many more benefits for members of Pre-Paid Legal Services. What I have listed above encompasses some of the more significant benefits for the Real Estate Investor or business owner. For as little as 25.00 per month is there any question why an investor or business owner would not want or need this type of coverage and representation?

If you are interested in hearing more about how Pre-Paid Legal can save you and your family money and grief, then feel free to call Kathy Kennebrook at 941-792-5390. If you like what you are reading and you want to get signed up now then go to, I personally use Pre-paid legal as an integral tool in my real estate investing business and in my personal life and my membership has paid for itself over and over in the last 8 years that I have had it.

I wish each of you all the best. I am confident that you will find a tremendous asset and tool for your business in Pre-Paid Legal Services. Just go to to sign up today.

I feel so strongly about this that I am going to include 2 special bonuses absolutely FREE for you just for joining Pre-Paid Legal before August 30, 2010

Bonus Number One- Your Personal Path to Prosperity CD Set by Kathy Kennebrook Valued at $69.00. You will learn how to “Choose Your Road To Wealth”, how to manage your time more efficiently, Uncover the secrets to finding sellers no one else knows about, How to make a fortune Buying and Selling Vacant Land, How to Run Your Rental Business on auto-pilot and much more.

Bonus Number Two- Precious Profits in Precious Metals CD Set by Kathy Kennebrook Valued at $99.00. You will learn what precious metals are and why you should invest in them, Why adding precious metals to your investment portfolio is a wise choice, whether to hold precious metals long term or short term, how to quick turn precious metals, the history of precious metal investing and much more.

You will receive these two bonuses valued at $168.00 absolutely FREE when you sign up with Pre-Paid Legal today, this is my personal gift to you just for joining!!

For more information on Kathy Kennebrook and the products and services she offers for the real estate investor, be sure and visit her website at While you are there be sure and sign up for her monthly newsletter. When you do you will receive an additional 149.00 in real estate investing tools absolutely FREE!!

New Motivated Seller Leads By Kathy Kennebrook

I don’t send out a lot of email touting every new program or application designed to make you loads of money. It is just not that easy. But over the last three years, every quarter, I have sent you an email telling you to buy the “Inherited Properties” list from US Lead List.

Why is that? Because it is one of the best lists on the market and with a directed mailing piece, is one of the most successful campaigns that I have ever seen. They have a new list every quarter and they limit sales to three investors in any one area. So many areas sell out every list.

I have to tell you that in today’s market one of the best mailings I am doing on a regular basis is inherited properties and this is the list I use. There are so many good deals to be made within this group of sellers!

You cannot find this list anywhere but US Lead List. It utilizes a unique market that is NOT foreclosures, short sales, absentee owners, probate or free and clear. It incorporates over 30 years of direct mail experience and much of the final sorting is done by hand to ensure a quality list. It DOES provide equity and motivation with little or no competition.

What more do you want? You can work a market that is a proven winner and is restricted for your success.

This is a short email but it is packed with opportunity. Contact US Lead List today at 866.711.1688 or to see if your area is still available.

Remember to mention Kathy Kennebrook for your discount on every purchase! This is a special discount that I have negotiated just for you!

Kathy Kennebrook

P.S. Here are a couple of testimonials that should pique your interest:

“I wanted to thank you guys for turning me on to this new way of finding houses. The last list I bought from you was probably 300 names and I have bought two houses so far and probably stand to make about $65,000. I have already purchased another list and I am very excited about the future. US Lead List is the easiest way to find “houses of motivated sellers” that I have ever seen. Thanks so much! I think we should just keep this a secret so the competition will go away! HaHa!”
Kenny Lockhart
received 7/13/2010

“I purchased a list from US Lead List and received many quality leads from my mailers. I purchased one waterfront home for $200,000. I put $12,500 down and had the seller finance the remaining $187,500 at 1.5%. I then put about $5,000 of work into the property. After that, I lease optioned the property to a buyer for $250,000 price, $5,000 non-refundable deposit and $1,500/month payments. I will receive a $45,000 profit when we close in 18 months and will receive $800/month in positive cash flow while I wait for the buyer to close! A great deal for everyone!!
This list delivers great leads and I will continue to buy it!! ”
Patrick Clapp
received 7/12/2010

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New Spring Lists for Your Direct Mail Campaigns

I have always maintained how important it is to be consistent in your marketing campaigns to be successful. Lance and Terry at US Lead List have written a few words below that really drive home that point. I have been working with US Lead List for a few years now and can’t say enough about the quality of their list and customer care. These are a great resource for new leads for you. Give them a call today at 866.711.1688 or visit for a free quote.

Remember to mention “Kennebrook” for your Special Discount!!!

I make sure that all of the vendors I work with provide special discounts for Kathy Kennebrook customers.

A Personal Message from Terry at USleadlist:

Spring has sprung and so has the new “Inherited Properties” list from US Lead List.

The new Spring list is now available and it is time for you to give us a try. If you are a serious investor you need to buy houses and to buy houses you need to find new opportunities. And to find opportunity consistently, you need to market consistently to the right properties.

We would like to be able to tell you that you will buy a house with every list you buy from us. That is just nonsense, we know that. We have had investors buy houses with their very first list and some of them from small areas. But that is not the norm. We believe in the list and know that we are targeting and sending you to the correct people. But direct mail (really every kind of marketing campaign) is like mining for gold, you are hoping to hit the motherload. The best way to do that is get up every morning and head to the river and put your pan in the water. And the way to do this using direct mail is to mail consistently to the right leads which we can provide for you.

Just a quick note to say thanks for all the great advice! Since I began the Direct Mail Campaign using your list my profit margin has skyrocketed. Each time the list comes out I can count on finding at least one or two deals worth pursuing, and the ones I don’t want, I go after the listing. I’m currently working on a rehab I bought in March which should produce $40K+ Profit for me and my investors. The lead came from the most recent list I purchased from you. I still get calls from people who we sent letters to in January of last year. 2010 is going to be a banner year!” Tim Shannon
“I have been using your list for a year, and wanted to let you know it is the best one available. In fact it is the only one I use now. As a real estate investor I am always looking for motivated sellers. I wholesaled a house off the first list I bought and made over $18k. The list has also provided my wife with several listings as she is a real estate agent. Thanks, and keep the list coming.” Andrew Reynolds
All the gurus are saying that this is the new Gold Rush but without the right map you’ll never find the vein. So work your claim consistently and see what gold you can find with our “Inherited Properties” list. Call 866.711.1688 or visit for a free quote. There’s no obligation but there may be a nugget just up the stream and unless you protect your area, another investor will jump your claim.

Simply Contact Terry Sexton 866.711.1688

And make sure you mention Kathy Kennebrook for your Special Spring Discount!!

To Your Success,

Kathy Kennebrook