Kathy Kennebrook and Jim Ingersoll Created An Amazing Podcast To Show You How To Find Deals No Matter What Your Market Is Doing

Here is the link to an amazing and informative podcast I just did with Jim Ingersoll. We are sharing all of the information you need on finding leads in the current market. As your market changes, you need to add new techniques to your business to find the highest number of deals possible!!

Are Your Tenants Paying You During Our Current Market Situation?

I am hearing and reading a lot of commentary about tenants not paying rent. Here is my take on the subject. If you qualified your tenants well before you put them in your property in the first place, like doing background and credit checks, put specific rules in place in your lease with regard to rent payments being paid timely, this shouldn’t be such a big issue, even in our current situation.

Most of our tenants have been with us for several years because we only put in the best tenants, we treat them fairly, provide them with a great home to live in, and we require that the lease is adhered to. So far almost all of our rents are in and most were in early. Most of the tenants sent it by zelle so we got the money immediately. A couple of my tenants have been laid off due to businesses closing but they have savings and they have filed for unemployment so their rent came in also. Two of my tenants are going to be late with part of their rent but they have already paid most of it and have been on the phone talking to us about their situation.

While I understand that situations vary, if you put the right tenant in your property to begin with, it gives you a fighting chance to get your rent and maintain a long and profitable relationship with your tenants. Also most of our tenants are essential workers with good jobs or on social security. Just a thought. While I have never wanted to do section 8 this isn’t a bad deal right now either.

Just some thoughts for the landlords in the group to think about. For all the information on finding properties to put your tenants in, check out my website at www.marketingmagiclady.com

Here is the Link to Charles Doben’s Podcast With Kathy Kennebrook

Make sure you check out the amazing info packed podcast Kathy Kennebrook did with Charles Dobens on filling your pipeline with even more deals from highly motivated sellers!! If you are a serious real estate investor you need to position yourself to locate even more deals in our current market!


Awesome Podcast with Me Kathy Kennebrook and Charles Dobens on Finding All the Motivated Sellers You Need No Matter What Your Current Market Is Doing


Residual Mailings Are the Way to Find Deals in Our Current Market!

Folks,You know I advocate residual direct mail as an ongoing source of new leads. Well….NOW is the time folks!!

If you have estates and probates and out of state owners you were mailing to, you need to repeat those mailings and follow up with your semi motivated sellers. Their financial situation may now be changing due to this new situation and these are becoming really motivated sellers for us because they need cash for their families.

My office is busy right now dealing with motivated sellers because now folks aren’t quite as motivated to buy houses so this leave more opportunities for us as real estate investors to help these folks who need to sell homes.

For all the tools and information you need on creating successful direct mail campaigns check out my website at www.marketingmagiclady.com and my blog at www.attractmotivatedsellers.com