Kathy Kennebrook Discusses Working With Spanish Speaking Sellers for Your Real Estate Investing Business

Marketing Tip #27- Creating Deals With Spanish Speaking Sellers for your Real Estate Investing Business Even if You Don’t Speak a Word of Spanish

I had all of my marketing pieces including my direct mail campaigns for finding motivated sellers translated into Spanish. It was a huge undertaking but it was well worth the effort. The first thing I had to do was to address all of the dialect differences in the Spanish language.

I then sent these letters to the specific market areas where I wanted to buy houses. I sent them out written in English on one side and Spanish on the other. I also had all of my other marketing tools translated into Spanish as well such as signage, ads, lumpy mail pieces, business cards, and flyers which were also causing an influx of leads into our pipeline. Not only that, I even had my tenant referral program materials translated to Spanish since we have a lot of Spanish speaking tenants.

One of the things I discovered very quickly was that while I was getting a lot of response from the Spanish speaking market, I was unable to process the deals due to the language barrier. I solved this problem in two different ways. The first was to send the calls to a 24 hour recorded message which I had recorded in Spanish. I used a professional translator to do this for me so that the grammar, the dialect and the language are correct.

The second way I solved this dilemma was to use a Spanish answering service to take the calls and translate the responses into English so I could read them. We provided the telephone scripts for them to use. I have them both in English and in Spanish so I can provide these to the answering service in whatever format they want it.

You can do the same thing in your own real estate investing business. You can take your own telephone script, give it a bi-lingual answering service, have them ask the questions in Spanish and then translate the responses for you in English so you can read them. This gives the seller two different ways to contact us, depending on what was the most convenient and comfortable for them. I also provide these potential sellers with a response mechanism at the bottom of the letter I use so they can mail, e-mail or fax their responses to us as well. The more ways you give a seller to contact you, the more of them are going to.

I then use an interpreter who meets with me and the seller so I can put the deals together. We meet at a location that works for all involved. The interpreters are very reasonable in their fees for their services and they are easy to locate. I found one in the yellow pages listed under “interpreters”. Do try to find someone who specializes in real estate. This makes the whole process a lot easier. By putting a system in place to deal with this market, we were able to do a lot of deals, make money and solve these seller’s problems.

For more information on implementing Direct Mail Campaigns to Spanish Speaking Sellers visit my website at www.marketingmagiclady.com While you are there be sure and sign up for Kathy Kennebrook’s FREE Monthly Newsletter

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Marketing Tip #26- Creating a solid Direct Mail Piece

We have more deals coming at us right now using targeted direct mail than we can keep up with so I thought I would take a few minutes to share with you some of the most important parts of a successful targeted direct mail piece.

One of the most important aspects to a marketing campaign that is going to work is to create a solid direct mail piece for your business. There are key points for creating a solid direct mail piece that folks will respond to no matter what business you are in including Real Estate Investing.

1. The first thing you’ll want to do is to “touch” your prospective customer or seller with “the dream”, or “the solution” to their problem. You’ll want to touch the basic emotions and the needs of your client or seller within the body of your letter, whether that is fear, relief, greed, pride or vanity.

2. Keep it simple. The grammar doesn’t necessarily have to be perfect. You want to reach this person at their comfort level. Keep your letter relaxed, personal and conversational.

3. Use simple language; don’t fill your letter with big words or technical words or “industry jargon” that your seller or your customer might not understand.

4. I also use paragraphs in my letters so that there is a specific break between thoughts and so the letter just flows better and is more pleasing to the eye.

5. Even though this is a personal letter, I still begin with a powerful headline or first sentence to make sure I have their attention so that they read the rest of my piece.

6. I also list the benefits to the seller of choosing to work with me the investor, as opposed to perhaps listing their home or trying to sell it themselves. You always need to list the benefits of whatever it is you are selling and why they should buy yours.

For more information on everything you need to know about creating successful direct mail campaigns and who to mail to check out my website at www.marketingmagiclady.com

Kathy Kennebrook Discusses Credibility Kits for the Real Estate Investor

Because of an overwhelming response from you, my students, regarding the need for a Credibility Kit, I have created Kathy Kennebrook’s Magic Credibility Kit just for you. This incredible system includes everything you need to build your own credibility kit including the presentation book to put your information in, just like I use in my own personal business.

Why do you need a Credibility Kit? Your personal credibility kit will not only build credibility for you with your sellers, it will give you a serious edge over your competition. Almost none of your competition knows about this incredible tool! This one tool will separate you from your competition like nothing else can and help to bring you more deals than you can handle! The other important function of a Credibility Kit is to give you the confidence you need to make a good deal with your seller. It has all the tools you need to get you through the offer making process. In addition, I will also show you how to use your Credibility Kit to locate even more private lenders to fund your deals!! Isn’t that what every business needs, more money to fund more deals?? Let me show you how! What better way is there to show prospective lenders important information about you and your business than to use your Credibility Kit?

Not only that- I have also included some additional tools to help you, the investor in working with your sellers face to face including; an explanation of who you are and how you can help, a list of benefits to your sellers, how you can deal with their particular situation, sample offers you can make when you are face to face with the seller, and a cost analysis which will show your seller exactly how much it would cost them to sell their homes the traditional way and how much money you will be able to save them at the closing table. I also include another “cheat sheet” if you will, listing the paperwork you will require from the seller in order to make an offer.

Building your personal Credibility Kit is going to be one of the most important tools you add to your business. Nothing speaks louder or more clearly about you or your integrity than letters from your sellers, personal reference letters, letters from your lenders, copies of ads you have run, photos of properties you have bought and sold, and the professionalism that a credibility kit presents to your seller!! Think about any time you have had someone do work for you, like countertops or roofing or exterior siding. Didn’t they have a book to show you samples of the work they have done? This is what a Credibility kit does for you in your business, shows your sellers how you can help them.

Even if you are just starting out in the real estate business, I explain exactly how you too can start building your Credibility Kit and what needs to go into it. You have no idea how much power this one amazing tool can give you until you put one together and start using it. My personal Credibility Kit has given me the edge when buying a property on many occasions simply because a competitor didn’t have this amazing tool and the seller chose to work with me.

No one has put together a system like this. You have all the tools you need to get started including:
1. Complete directions on how to set up your credibility kit and why you need to have one.
2. How to use your credibility kit to find private lenders to fund your deals.
3. A complete list of each item your Credibility Kit needs to have and how to get it.
4. A set of sample letters from sellers, lenders, personal references and vendor letters from my personal credibility kit so you know exactly what they should look like and how they should read.
5. I have also included sample Ads you should run to add to your credibility kit.
6. A complete template to build your own credibility kit on CD. All you have to do is fill in your company information, print it out and you’re on your way!
7. As a special bonus, I have even included the Presentation Book for you to put your information in so you have everything you need at your fingertips to get started right away! This is an additional value of $14.95.

I have also added one more Special BONUS with your Credibility Kit order. It is a transcribed copy of an interview with me explaining step by step how to build your Credibility Kit, why you should and how to use it once you do. It is the best information on the planet from top trainers on building your Credibility Kit! This special bonus is a $149.00 value all by itself!!

Kathy Kennebrook’s Magic Credibility Kit is being offered to You, at a special price of only $149.00!! This is a $100.00 savings on the system price of $249.00. This is a special offer we are making just for Kathy Kennebrook’s students!

We are offering this special price to YOU for a very limited time. You know the value and importance of marketing yourself to motivated sellers!! And if you order immediately, I will include the Special Bonus and the Presentation Book!!

If you would like to add this very special system to your business to enable you to buy even more properties and locate even more lenders to fund your deals, go right to my website at www.marketingmagiclady.com under Kathy’s Products.

Take Action Coaching With Kathy Kennebrook for Your Real Estate Investing Business

I have just a Few Spots Open For My Special TAKE ACTION Mentoring Program-If you want to Turbo Charge Your Real Estate Investing Business this is something you don’t want to miss out on. Reserve Your Spot Now!!!

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Discover How Kathy Kennebrook’s
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To Create a 1-2 Punch That Will Supercharge Your Investing and Literally FORCE You To Put More Money in “Front Pocket National Bank” Each and Every Month— While You Work Less and Less…

Again and again people who “failed” in the other systems come to Kathy to “get FIXED up” and turn into wonderful SUCCESSES with her, her team, her proven systems, her marketing, and especially her coaching!

It’s called the Action Coaching Program…
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This coaching program provides a systematic approach to your development and monthly implementation of your business plan.
It also powerfully addresses the subtle ways you have subconsciously sabotaged your own success in previous ventures to ensure you don’t repeat the same mistakes again.

This is perhaps the most powerful career-building program ever devised for real estate investors, one that will ensure your hand is held until you are propelled into your next level as an ever-more successful entrepreneur.

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Kathy Kennebrook Discusses The Best Way To Use Targeted Direct Mail To Find Motivated Sellers for Your Real Estate Investing Business

Gotta’ love my competition. I got a “yellow letter” this morning on pink paper, email address given as the only way a person can respond. What happens if you don’t have a computer or internet access?? Many of the sellers I work with don’t have computers and direct mail is the only way they will get my message. Handwriting on this hand written letter so illegible you can’t make out the email address. How much postage do you think they wasted?? If you want a really reliable direct mail system check out my website at www.marketingmagiclady.com. Not only are my direct mail campaigns targeted at specific types of sellers you also get the exact response you want from the seller so the deal is pre-screened for you!! AND you don’t have to worry about whether they can read your message. 14 years of experience and hundreds of deals tells me I got this one down pat. Check it out and start adding solid direct mail campaigns to your business.