Kathy Kennebrook Has New List Brokers

As you may know US Lead List limit sales to three investors per area for their Inherited Properties List and for the Spring quarter they have 221 counties sold out at this time. That leaves 2653 counties still available nationwide. Of course, many of those counties have very few names in them but they have 332 counties available in 42 states that have at least 50 names including popular states like CA, TX, NY, FL, PA to name a few. To check out what is available go to http://www.usleadlist.com/available.pdf and if you see something you like, give them a call right away because they don’t know how long they will last.

And for your quick response they will take an additional dime off per name. So if you are a first time buyer you will receive your Kathy Kennebrook group discount of .10 per name (don’t forget to mention Kathy Kennebrook) plus an additional dime. Included in your first purchase is a copy of their usleadlist letter, script, educational audio file and a free consultation to go over your marketing campaign for inherited listings. You will also receive a copy of Kathy Kennebrook’s Marketing Magic letter which is being used for this mailing!!

It’s a great deal so check out the available counties and then give them a call at 866.711.1688 today.

Just a reminder. They have a new Inherited Properties List every quarter (January, April, July and October) with no duplication to any previous list so even if your favorite county is sold out now, it may not be next quarter. If you don’t see anything available in your area now, check with them starting July 15th to see if it opens up.

Here again is the link to available counties http://www.usleadlist.com/available.pdf

Don’t delay, email or call Lance or Terry at 866.711.1688 to see if the Inherited Properties list is still available in your county.

How To Find Motivated Sellers Buyers and Lenders Webinar with Kathy Kennebrook and Nancy Geils

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Banks Are Dumping Their REOs By Kathy Kennebrook

In light of the news about REO’s flooding the market and creating an enormous opportunity for savvy investors over the next several months…



“The residential shadow inventory of unlisted REOs and soon-to-be REOs stood at 1.6 million units as of July 2011, based on the analytics firm’s calculations.


Toni is a stay at home Mom that flipped her first house after going through my Nancy’s REO Boot camp system within 45 days. And based on what she said, this is a no-brainer. She made 10 grand with no previous real estate experience because she just followed the system step by step with me helping her along the way!

She continues to use the same strategies today flipping REO’s every month.

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If you’re not tapping into bank owned properties, you’re missing out HUGE! I am not kidding!! 🙂

The truth is there are houses available right now at 50 cents on the dollar (REO’s) that are just waiting to be snatched up by the people that know the game and take action. Here’s what some of my students are saying…

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Here are a few of the things you will discover:

Getting the best deals
Finding cash buyers
Calculating offers
Dealing with banks
Working with agents
Crushing the MLS
And much more…

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Check This Out!! My Friend Nancy Geils Made a HUGE Profit..By Kathy Kennebrook

I have this friend, Nancy Geils, that you’re going to want to get to know. She’s a former hairstylist who has secretly been making a killing in Real Estate, using an awesome new
strategy !

Her last check profit was $179k!

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Here’s what you will discover

How to get started “Finding and Flipping” homes for quick income working from home in your spare time.
Learn how to “Flip” homes directly to cash buyers
How to find deals right in your backyard that can bring in between $2,000 and $40,000 per deal.
Why you won’t need any money or good credit to “Wholesale” deals unlike traditional retail real estate.
Why traditional real estate is slow right now, but “Wholesale” real estate is absolutely BOOMING!
How to replicate her success by using her tried and true systems and Formula!

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Here’s what some of her students are saying!

“In 30 days I’ve gotten 2 wholesale deals working — The first I had under contract in 4 days and making 4K. My second wholesale deal I was planning on flipping myself but I’ve had so much investor interest I think I am now going to wholesale for 10K profit! In addition, I have 2 other flip projects that I started before the Flipping REO’s course.”

Nancy is the real deal you are going to love this!!!

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