More Kathy Kennebrook Marketing Tips for Your Real Estate Investing Business

Marketing Tip 3- Kathy Kennebrook believes Direct mail is convenient. A lot of folks prefer print materials because they can read them at their leisure and they will hold on to your message until they need your service. So not only are you cultivating leads today, you are sewing seeds for future deals. There is no other marketing technique out there with that kind of result!! Kathy Kennebrook has had many sellers who have contacted her months or years after receiving her first direct mail piece. So you are always cultivating leads from direct mail.

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Kathy Kennebrook- Marketing Tips for Your Business

Marketing Tip- So Kathy Kennebrook asks why should you implement direct mail in your business? Well because You have a greater control over your audience and your exact demographic. You can also customize your message to reach a specific audience just like we do in our direct mail campaigns every day.

Marketing Tip 2- As so Aptly put by my own daughter….”not everyone watches TV…gets the paper…..or uses the internet, but EVERYONE gets mail!!! She is a chip off the much older block :))

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The art of The Conversation With a Motivated Seller Part II By Kathy Kennebrook

The Art of The Conversation With Motivated Sellers- Part 2
By Kathy Kennebrook (The Marketing Magic Lady)

So how are we going to get ready to have a conversation with our motivated sellers? Kathy Kennebrook believes that readiness is a state of mind, and she has put together some ideas for you designed to help you have meaningful and successful conversations with motivated sellers resulting in profitable deals.

First of all, expect to be anxious and know that it’s okay to be anxious. You probably wouldn’t be very good at what you do if you didn’t care about the outcome.

Next, while you are feeling anxious, get in front of a mirror and practice what you are going to say to the seller. Do this more than once. The more you practice what you are going to say, the more comfortable you will be and therefore less likely to forget what you were going to say. Practice controlling your voice and be mindful of how fast you are talking. Your speech should be at a moderate volume and speed when speaking to a seller.

Remember to breathe! Practice what you are going to say all the way through without making faces, gasping or throwing out any expletives. Your seller doesn’t care if you’re speech is perfect, they just want to know what you can do for them to help them solve their problem. You might even want to practice what you are going to say in front of a spouse or close friend.

Remember that your sellers are people, just like you. They are probably just as anxious about having a conversation with you. After all, selling their home is a big decision, even if they are ready and know they need to sell.

Expect the unexpected. Maybe the seller will accept your offer right away. Maybe they won’t like your offer at all. You really should have some idea of how to approach this based on the prior conversation you should have had with the seller on the phone. And remember the more motivated the seller is the easier this conversation will go.

Also remember that all of these techniques can be applied to the conversations you are having by telephone with your motivated sellers. In fact, once you get good at conversations with sellers on the phone, many times the deal will be cemented even before you end up face to face with a seller. Also be prepared to sit on couch as opposed to being at a table so bring something hard to write on, like a clip board or a briefcase. If you need to wear glasses don’t forget to bring them with you. If you are bringing a briefcase, stick a flashlight inside. Kathy Kennebrook has had several instances where she’s had to fill out paperwork in semi-darkness and a flashlight is a big help. Just learn to expect the unexpected.

Be sure and establish a ritual to get ready to speak to sellers. Make sure you have all your facts and figures straight and make sure you have all the paperwork with you that you could possibly need to cover a variety of scenarios. The more professional you look, the more comfortable the seller will be working with you. Be sure and let your seller know ahead of time what paperwork you need from them as well like a deed or mortgage paperwork.

The easiest and best way to get comfortable working with sellers is by making more offers and doing more deals. Develop a positive attitude and philosophy about making offers. Don’t take it as a personal rejection if the seller doesn’t accept your first offer. They may accept a subsequent offer, maybe not. But remember if you had a conversation and pre-screened the seller on the phone you already have a pretty good idea whether or not they accept your offer.

But do you know what Kathy Kennebrook has to about this? There is always another seller waiting in the wings who really wants to work with you and if you are dealing with the right kind of sellers at the beginning, you will make more deals than not. So get out there, make some offers and do some deals!!

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The Art of the Conversation With A Motivated Seller Part 1 By Kathy Kennebrook

The Art of The Conversation With Motivated Sellers – Part 1
By Kathy Kennebrook (The Marketing Magic Lady)

One of the concerns many of Kathy Kennebrook’s students seem to run into is; once they find the deal, what do they say to the motivated sellers? How should that conversation go? On top of these concerns, many of Kathy Kennebrook’s students say they are not really comfortable with having a conversation with a stranger, so how do they handle that conversation? How do you get over the “jitters”?

Okay, so you’ve practiced what you are going to say, you have a plan, you have your paperwork, you’ve probably procrastinated a little, then scheduled your appointment with the seller, so now what? You still feel those butterflies in your stomach and you’re still not comfortable with how the conversation with the seller is going to go. What should you say first? How should you make the offer? What if they ask you something you don’t know? What if they accept your offer? What if they don’t?

Being “ready” or prepared is a relative term. Just because you don’t feel quite ready or totally comfortable dealing with this motivated seller face to face to make the deal doesn’t mean you shouldn’t just jump right in there and do it. You absolutely should!! Believe me, Kathy Kennebrook understands this concept first hand after having many conversations with motivated sellers. And it only gets easier every time you do it, especially when the seller is truly motivated.

Kathy Kennebrook believes that there are definitely some things you can do to get prepared for a conversation with a motivated seller, especially if you haven’t done it before. With adequate preparation you can become more ready than not, and by being more ready, your chances of a successful conversation with your seller are greatly increased. Readiness is not just a practical matter; it is a state of mind that affects our emotions and feelings of preparedness. When you feel more ready to have a conversation with a motivated seller, you begin to relax, creating a more comfortable atmosphere and leaving you with fewer things to worry about.

Having conversations with motivated sellers is an art can be practiced. With the right approach, it doesn’t have to be scary or unnerving. In fact the conversation with the sellers and the making of the deal should be fun, exciting, challenging and fulfilling, knowing that you are helping this motivated seller solve whatever problem they are having that necessitate them selling their property.

But sometimes it just seems like there are “demons” hiding out, just waiting to turn a normal, intelligent person into a quivering bowl of jello. When we get in front of the seller, we stutter, we mumble, we keep changing the subject, anything to steer away from the matter at hand. And worse still, we start to sweat, our hands begin to shake, and our memory of what we were going to say just fades away and we forget important facts we wanted to share.

Let me share a scenario where Kathy Kennebrook had an appointment with a motivated seller and drove around the block four times before turning into the seller’s drive-way, just to try to calm the jitters she was having.She ended up buying the property and later on the sellers mentioned to her that they had seen her going around the block several times. Fortunately they all had a good chuckle over it.

So how do we get past these jitters? And how do we get ready for these all important conversations with motivated sellers?

Be sure to read part two of this article next week when Kathy Kennebrook shares many ideas to get ready for these all important conversations with sellers and get your deals made!

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Kathy Kennebrook Has New List Brokers

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