Kathy Kennebrook Special Announcement

Subject line : Additional Bonus – Just announced!

Hi _____ It’s Kathy. I wanted to let you in on a great bonus that I just worked out with my good friend and mentor, Lou Brown. He has over 30 years experience buying, selling and holding real estate and he has an awesome training called Millionaire Jump Start. It’s three days LOADED with GREAT techniques and tactics for TODAY’s market. I did some horse trading and got him to agree to let me add his training as a BONUS when I sell my Marketing Magic system.

Then I thought – Hey, he’s doing one Feb 21-23 in Orlando so why don’t I just give it to my existing customers too? So just go to MillionaireJumpStart.com/kathy and get yourself registered for what I know to be an AWESOME training. It’s a $1,995 value but he’s agreed that I can offer it to you for just a $99 registration fee to cover the special manual with forms and training materials and to reserve your seat. THREE DAYS of Lou Brown (No guest speakers – ONLY Lou) for $99. Man, that’s a deal!!

He got a great Hotel deal too – just $99 per night INCLUDING Breakfast. (reg $199 per night)

Remember just go to MillionaireJumpStart.com/kathy or call his office 1-800-578-8580 Now. He only has a few seats left so grab this great deal now.

To your success,


P. S. I LOVE his Doing Good While Doing Well concept. You’ll love how this absolutely explodes your business!

2 Chapters leaked – Get Yours Now!

Hey – this just got leaked about 10 minutes ago:

I wanted to make sure you got this information as soon as I got it. This is a new 1,500 page book project that I was asked to participate in put together by 95 of the top Real Estate Trainers in the country. This book has more information in it than many products I have seen out there on what is working in our current economy with regard to finding, funding and selling your real estate deals.

Check this out right now! You really can’t afford not to AND my good friend Dan Auito who put this project together just leaked the first two chapters, and he has even added two bonuses for you as well.

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It’s a brand new ebook put together by my friend Dan Auito and it’s extremely good.

In this ebook he literally has each content provider map out the only systems that are working in today’s real estate economy.

…And what’s really cool is the way

it’s explained and it’s all so EASY to understand.

You can actually download your 2 f.ree leaked chapters and 2 surprise bonuses.

I’m sure you’ll like this and benefit from the content …so check it out!


Get your Free Chapters and Your bonuses right now!! This information is critical to your success as a real estate investor. Even I learned a thing or two, get yours right now!! You will so glad you did.

To Your Continuing Success,

Kathy Kennebrook

Some Average Folk s Profit Big, Thanks to Recession & Down Housing Market

San Diego – While millions of Americans are suffering economically, some ordinary Californians are making huge sums of money combining two things you’d least expect: Real estate and the recession. As the housing market continues to plummet, a few commercial real estate asset classes are skyrocketing and some folks have learned how to acquire it with no money, credit or previous real estate experience.

These rags-to-riches phenoms are using two very clever and patent pending strategies taught by Jason Gilbert at the Commercial Training Institute. One strategy is used for land and the other for income property.

For land, CTI teaches its students Joint Venture Facilitation where they locate owners of prime commercial land and simply get them to agree to partner with a developer. The owner makes much more money vs. a sale, and the developer doesn’t have to buy the land and can get easy development financing, which otherwise might be impossible due to the credit crunch. The best part is the CTI student gets a piece of ownership of the development for simply locating and bringing both parties together, thus avoiding all the time, expertise, risk and money required to buy and develop land.

For income property, CTI students learn to locate properties that perform better in a recession such as apartments, self storage and senior living facilities, but won’t sell because of high vacancies due to poor management or marketing. Instead of buying them, the students lease the entire building, hire a local expert to fix the management or marketing problem, and pocket 100% of all the new income which is can easily be $10,000 to $50,000 per month on small to mid size properties. The student also gets an option to buy the property at today’s value, then sells or exercises the option to buy it when it’s worth much, much more and fully performing. Called “Mater Lease Option”, it’s literally a try-before-you-buy strategy that eliminates most of the risk and requires no money to get in the hot commercial real estate game. If the deal turns out to be a dud, you aren’t stuck with it as the new owner and don’t wind up one of those motivated, distressed sellers. You don’t own the property until it’s worth far more than your option price and you’ve had time to test drive it a while.

Jason Gilbert, founder of CTI adds “These land and income property opportunities are everywhere and easy to find. Land owners make lots more money when you show them how to partner with a developer, and you are their savior when you lease their entire income property thus eliminating all their tenant and management headaches. Their only tenant is you. We then show the students how to do what the owner should have done to fix the management with one simple phone call.”

CTI also partners with their students who find these opportunities and let CTI do the rest. “We’ve developed a system that allows even the lazy and unsophisticated to profit in commercial real estate. Simply find us the deal and we’ll cut you in. It’s so much easier than finding needle in a haystack house deals in this lousy housing market,” says Gilbert. “I’ve done virtually every kind of commercial deal using every possible strategy, and this is by far the easiest, fastest way to making a fortune.” And at the training he has lots of wealthy student case studies to prove it. He insists that this is the best time in 50 years to get into commercial properties, and yet even most experienced commercial investors have never heard of his strategies and needlessly risk lots of money and their credit to buy property the expensive, conventional way.

For more info visit: https://commercial.infusionsoft.com/go/invite/a161/

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