Kathy Kennebrook Markets to Motivated Sellers in Rural Communities

Being an investor who purchases properties in multiple counites and in multiple states,I have had the experience of buying homes and vacant land in rural communities. I will absolutely share with you that this is a science in and of itself. There are many different parameters to buying in rural areas.

Firstly, if you are buying vacant land, many times it will not have a street address, making it more difficult to locate. One advantage to buying in rural areas is that generally speaking the folks at the court house and the property appraiser’s or assessors office are usually easier to work with. If you plan on buying vacant land, I would suggest getting a plat map book which shows the subdivisions and the properties in lot and block. The easiest way I found to do this is to go to the court house and ask if they have a copy you can buy. If this is not possible, find out if you can make a copy of the one they have. Sometimes they will let you borrow it, or copy it on the premises. This will make it a whole lot easier to locate the properties you are trying to buy.

The other thing you will also need is a street map of the community. Usually these street maps will also show subdivision locations. This also makes it easier to find properties.

If you are looking to buy properties in rural areas there are three main ways to find motivated sellers. One of those is to work with a local realtor. Usually, they are much easier to work with than those in larger cities. They are usually willing to share information for example on why a seller needs to sell. If the first realtor you talk to won’t help, find another. The second way to find motivated sellers is to simply use signage. Usually in a smaller community, the sign ordinances are not nearly as strict as they are in a larger city. The third way to find motivated sellers is to do direct mail campaigns to non-homestead exempt or absentee owners. The program I use to do this is Real Quest and my contact for this company is David Kirk at 813-909-4043. If you go to my web site at marketingmagiclady.com, you will find a lot more information on this company. This program can provide plat maps, sales information, property information, comps, and more. I personally use this program to find motivated sellers in the community I like to buy in.

There is absolutely money to be made in small communities and people sell for a variety of reasons. I find the main ones to be probate and estate and pre-foreclosure. Both of these situations create wonderful opportunities for buying properties well under their value.

You will also need to set yourself up with a title company who understands your business, even if you have to train them yourself. I know that the first couple of deals I purchased into land trusts I had to explain to the title company. I even provided them with the deed that included the duties of the trustee.

Buying properties in a rural area is a real learning experience, but I will tell you that if you take the time and the energy to do it, there is a lot of money to be made. For more information on finding motivated sellers, visit my web site at marketingmagiclady.com

Kathy Kennebrook Dares You To Be Different in Your Approach to Finding Motivated Sellers

Folks often ask me what the best way to find motivated sellers is. My response is to do that which your competition will not. Dare to be different. Ron LeGrand once said “If you were arrested for being a real estate investor would there be enough evidence to convict you? ” I wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment.

Don’t be afraid to use florescent orange or pink business cards or post cards to attract sellers. Use t-shirts in your business and wear them all the time. We even had a t-shirt made for our German Shepard dog. When we take him for a walk people know what we do for a living. “Wrap” your vehicle in signage and be sure to include a web site address. Implement several different ways to attract sellers since you will need to reach your market in a variety of ways.

Don’t be worried about people who make comments about you. You are the one who will get to giggle all the way to the bank with the profits from your real estate deals. Throw cards out into the bleachers when your children’s team scores a point. Give business cards to everyone you deal with on a daily basis. Write an article on real estate and submit it to your local newspaper.

There are lots of great ways for you to stand out in your business. Don’t be afraid to be different. Different gets attention and that’s what you want, to get the attention of sellers who need your services.

Kathy Kennebrook discusses Heeding Advice from Open Forums and Chat Boards

We have had some feed back from folks who have read various negative posts regarding educational materials on various forums. My comment regarding this subject is simple-

Be very wary of what you read on these boards and on the internet in general. Generally speaking these boards are not policed for validity or content. Many of the folks who post these comments are not who they represent themselves to be and many have never done a real estate deal.

The folks who are legitimately using educational materials and doing real estate deals do not have time to make comments on these boards, they are too busy doing the business. Most of the folks on these boards are the nay sayers and the “wanna bes” who have no idea what the real estate business is all about.

If you are truly interested in learning about a specific product, go to the web site of the person who is selling that product for more information. Most of the speakers have testimonials posted that you can look at and read. Speak to folks in your local real estate clubs to find out from folks doing the business what works and what doesn’t. When you go to seminars you will have the opportunity to meet the folks selling products and be able to assess their value for yourself. Don’t let a few negative people impact the success of your business!!

Kathy Kennebrook Suggests Purchasing Quality Educational Materials

In recent weeks and months we have been getting many complaints and comments from consumers who have purchased my educational materials (Marketing Magic System)from ads on the internet posted by individuals, ads posted on club web sites selling used courses and folks selling used courses on e-bay. The primary complaint is that these are bad copies or parts of originals which are missing pieces. The worst case lately is someone who is selling course materials for a ridiculously low price and basically what the consumer is receiving is a CD with part of the courses on it.

Not only do we actively prosecute these situations, but you as the consumer should be very wary of purchasing used courses just to save a buck. The old adage “you get what you pay for” definitely comes into play here. Many of these consumers are contacting our offices and expecting us to remedy their situations after purchasing bad courses from some other site. If you purchase a course through our offices or from our web sites which include this one and marketingmagiclady.com, we stand behind our products 100%.

However, if you purchase a bad copy of one of our products from someone who is not a reputable person or vendor, you get what you paid for.

My main point in bringing this up is that if you are a serious investor and you want to grow your business substantially, you are going to have to invest in education. I myself continue to attend seminars and purchase systems and courses that will help my business. Spend the extra money and buy the right stuff from the right person. Not only will you get quality materials, you also receive ongoing support and answers to any questions you may have as you go.

If you come across one of these situations, please contact our offices at 941-792-5390. Also, make sure you know who you are buying from and make sure they are a reputable club or vendor who is authorized to sell my Marketing Magic systems.

Working With Your Spouse or Partner

Having a spouse or a partner involved with you in your real estate business can be a real asset provided you follow some specific guidelines. Having the support of another person in your business is definitely going to be a big help whether or not they are directly involved in the business.

If you have a spouse or a partner who is interested in being involved in the business with you, there are some specific rules I would suggest you follow. The first of those is to formulate a plan as to who is going to do what. The best way to do this is to decide the strong points of each person and let them handle that part of the business. For example, in my personal business, my husband handles the tenants and the contractors since he is “tougher” than I am. I handle everything having to do with paperwork and finances because those are my strong points. Then leave the other person to do their jobs without interfering.

We also take time to have a “meeting of the minds” once a week.This gives us the opportunity to get caught up on what each of us is working on. That way both people know exactly what is going on with the business.

Working together can be a real opportunity for your business to grow. It takes team work and a sense of trust for two people to work together in a business. One person can’t do it all. Define what your jobs are going to be and let your spouse or partner be the best they can be at those jobs they choose.

Be willing to jump in and help when one or the other of you is feeling overwhelmed. But also make sure you leave time for yourselves that is not business related. You can get to a point where everything you do revolves around your business. Make sure you leave yourself time for other activities. This will allow both of you to be the best you can be for each other and for your business! For more information on working as team, visit us at Marketingmagiclady.com