Learn How To Efficiently Follow-up With and Manage Motivated and Semi-motivated Sellers… and Make Huge Profits By Harvesting the Big Deals, Using a System That YOU Can Set Up in Just Minutes!

Dear Students and Fellow Investors,

Are you properly managing your prospects? Are you following up with the sellers who didn’t initially accept your offers, or sellers you still need to make offers to?  How many follow-ups can you handle on a monthly basis using your current method? Did you know that you’re leaving thousands of dollars in potential deals on the table if you aren’t following up? Many of you have told me this is a problem area for you and I have found the solution to this dilemma.

Following up with prospects is a simple concept, but it’s critical to your success in Real Estate Investing. So many people are basing their business on the deals they create from the initial contact with sellers.  How many offers do you make that don’t get accepted for every one that does?  What if you left the door open with the sellers that didn’t accept your offers, and touched base with them every couple of weeks to see how they were doing just like I do?  Well… that’s how you get the best deals, and stay ahead of your untrained competition!

There are a lot of investors in the market these days, and most of them have a limited knowledge of how the follow-up process works, not to mention the inability to create successful deals.  Building relationships with sellers is the best way to negotiate the best deals.  If you present an offer to a seller, and they don’t accept it, that doesn’t mean the game is over.  It’s just not going to happen today.  In all likelihood, if they contacted you… they have also contacted several other investors.  So you need to work around the seller’s objections, and try to present an offer that solves the needs of the seller as well as yours… all while “out offering” your competition.  It can be tricky!

Most investors would just present their offers, and then give up if they weren’t accepted.  However, if you left the seller on good terms, and asked them if they would like you to contact them in a few weeks to see how they were doing like I do… then you have now opened an opportunity to negotiate without the immediate competition of the other investors. I personally have “stolen” deals from other investors just by following up with a semi-motivated seller.

Now let’s say that you have setup a system that will automatically notify you to call the sellers, or send them a letter each week for the next three months.  The sellers have been receiving your letters and/or phone calls for a few weeks, then their situation changes and now they really must make a decision to sell.  Who do you think they are most likely to talk to first?  But this time, their guard is down, and they are more open to discuss your offers, and their options. Since you have kept in touch, they will contact you first!

I’m sure you’re already aware of the importance of following-up with your prospects and offers.  But are you able to increase your prospecting and handle hundreds of offers at a time if you need to? Getting your offers accepted really is largely a numbers game.  The more offers you make, the more get accepted.  So having a system that allows you to efficiently manage all your offers, and follow-ups with motivated sellers will increase your odds and ultimately bring you more profitable deals!

After dealing with this problem in my own business and hearing about it from my students all over the country, I solved this problem for you by finding a system that will allow you to keep track of your sellers, and schedule your repeat follow-ups so you can concentrate on making offers and closing deals.  This system provides you with automatic notifications of when, why and who you need to follow-up with on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  With the system I’m going to tell you about, managing 200 prospects is as easy as managing 2 prospects.  That’s the beauty of a scaleable solution, and the key to your unlimited success!

This amazing software program is automated, and systematic in the way it helps you schedule your follow-ups and organize the seller’s information.  The only way to fully achieve the automation that will allow you to manage hundreds of prospects is by using a computer software based solution.  I have found a software program called RealProspect that will take all the time wasting tasks out of your prospect management, and allow you to focus on your main objective… making offers!

RealProspect provides you with a set of features such as; scheduling repeat follow-ups, creating letter templates for merging and printing personalized letters, importing prospects from other programs,  running reports to analyze prospect information and activities, search for potential sellers by any information that you have collected about them, and much more!!

Also, with RealProspect you can store information about your prospects that is Specific to Real Estate Investing.  For example, you can store property information like: number of beds and baths, square footage, amenities, etc.  You can capture the financial information about a property like: last sale date and price, asking price, market value, property taxes, mortgage balances, repair costs, other investment expenses, etc.  You can store property pictures, offers you have submitted, comparable property information, contact history information, next actions, and random notes about the property.

Whatever your exit strategy is, whether it’s lease options, wholesaling, rehabbing, pre-foreclosures, getting the deed, etc… RealProspect can help you stay in control of your follow-up process so you can focus on spending your time on your most important task of making offers and getting deals.

Here is a typical scenario of how this applies; Let’s say you’re sending out 1000 letters a month to a targeted group, and you get an average of 20 responses (conservative), and 15 of them are not really prospects (unmotivated).  You make your offers and one of them gets accepted, but the other 4 are possible deals if time and circumstance change.  So you add these 4 prospects to RealProspect, and schedule to follow up with them every month for the next year.

Note: These response result numbers are just examples; your marketing response results may vary, and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire.

Now, you have 6 months of prospects in your database and you’re following up with 24 (extremely conservative), semi-motivated sellers. And now you’re automatically creating and sending them highly personalized letters (using the RealProspect letter templates) to check on them to see if they have changed their mind.  Or more effectively… calling them to see how they are doing.  Then you make your notes in the RealProspect database so you are armed and ready for your next contact with them.  Essentially you are building relationships with these sellers that your competition has not and will not.  Over time when the sellers have come to a point where they need to make a decision, they will be more open to negotiate with you because of the relationship that you have built during your follow-up process.

Now… if you’re applying the marketing techniques you’ve learned from me, then you’re more likely to build your database of motivated sellers much more quickly and ultimately have more opportunities to make even more offers!! As I mentioned, getting offers accepted is a numbers game… and the only way to increase the number of offers you make is by using an efficient, practical follow up system that will help you effectively handle your prospects, maximize your marketing efforts… and ultimately bring you even more accepted offers, just like me!

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