Kathy Kennebrook Discusses Her Coaching Program For The Real Estate Investor

Coaching calls were awesome last night. I have one brand new coaching student who had her first call with me last night so she got some extra time so we could get things moving for her. I think Sue is going to do great things, she is commited to her success and that’s really important.

I also had another coaching student who is doing so well with me extend for another six months…..congratulations Brett!!! I am totally commited to the success of my students and I make myself available when they need me. And they work directly with me. If you are looking for more success and to propel your real estate investing forward check out my website at www.marketingmagiclady.com or message me directly.

My coaching program is one on one and lasts for six months. Calls are once a week and you also get unlimited email access. If I need to do an extra call to speak to a motivated seller for example, I will do that for you also. My students are meeting goals and doing tons of deals in my program and I look forward to working with you too!!

Don’t Waste Time Trying To Work With Unmotivated Sellers In Your Real Estate Investing Business

As I prepare for my coaching calls tonight I wanted to touch on one subject that I discuss with my coaching students A LOT and that is trying to work with unmotivated sellers. I cover this extensively in my Marketing Magic System as well.

Don’t waste valuable time dealing with people who just want to sell a property. Deal only with those who NEED to sell. And don’t waste a lot of time on the phone with them. Automate your system to develop ways to get sellers to give you the information you need to determine if there is a deal to be made before you ever have a conversation with them. If a seller is not motivated enough to accept your offer-be it price or terms, find another seller who is. Time is money in this business.

I would suggest however, that there are times you will want to follow up with a semi-motivated seller and there are great ways to do this without taking up a lot of your time. I also cover this extensively in my system.

Also, don’t waste your time looking at properties before you have made an offer to the seller. I never look at houses anymore without having a very good idea what my seller will accept. I just make the offer “subject to inspection” which gives me an out if the property isn’t what the seller and I agreed to. Usually the deal is made before I ever see a property which saves me a lot of time AND I usually end up buying a property before other investors even know about it.

For all the information you need on finding sellers and building systems in your business check out my website at www.marketingmagiclady.com

Developing Your Dream Team Will Make You Thousands More In Your Real Estate Investing Business!

I know I have stressed many times how important it is to have a great team of folks supporting you in your real estate investing business. Our team helps in every aspect of our business from the buy, through the rehab and the rental or the retail closing of a property. But what happens when there is an emergency? How does your team respond then?

We had a small fire in one of our units last night and our team is already on it this morning. Fortunately it was a part in the air conditioning unit so not a big one but the insurance adjuster checked it out and the a/c guys are already on it. That’s the way I want my business to run.

Last week we had a major plumbing issue in one of our newest units and our roofer and our plumber had to work together to resolve the issue. Since both have been with us a long time this was easily accomplished. Having a great team in place in your business makes your life easier and the lives of good paying tenants. In the end having a great team in place to help you get deals closed will also net you alot more money in your business.

For all the information you need on developing your dream team and finding lots of great deals for your real estate investing business check out my website at www.marketingmagiclady.com

Kathy Kennebrook Talks About Her Coaching Students This Week

Coaching calls were amazing Monday night and last night. Students are implementing their marketing strategies and getting deals done! Scott just closed on his first small commercial property, Dave just started his first direct mail campaigns, and Julie just sold her first residential property for a profit of $24,000, we have her to the point where she is almost ready to quit her job.

One of my coaching calls this week was Jeff’s. He is just getting into real estate investing, created his first direct mail campaign using my Marketing Magic System and just got two new properties under contract. He is going to wholesale one for some cash now and is keeping the other one as a lease/option property.  I am so excited for them.

I have several students in my personal coaching program, these were the highlight of my week 🙂 For all the information you need on my marketing products and my coaching programs check out my website at www.marketingmagiclady.com or email me at kpaddler@att.net

Implementing A Tenant Referral Program In Your Real Estate Investing Business Will Bring You A Ton Of New Deals

So how many folks are using a tenant referral system in your real estate investing business?? I mean using your tenants as bird dogs to bring you deals. If you are not using this amazing technique you are missing out on a huge number of new leads for your business.

I have developed a letter that we send to all of our tenants twice a year reminding them that we pay for leads. So basically, if a tenant brings me a lead and I close on it I give our tenants a “credit” of a certain amount toward their rent the following month. And how much that is becomes entirely up to you.

Folks you don’t know what your tenants know. We have one tenanat who brings us leads and deals because he works at a home improvement store. We have another tenant who has brought us 3 deals already because she is greedy and likes those credits. AND you don’t pay for the leads until you close on the deal.

For all the information you need on unique strategies to bring more leads into your real estate investing business check out my website at www.marketingmagiclady.com