It’s Not Even the First and All the Rents Are In For Our Real Estate Investing Business

So all of the rents are in….yay!! I wouldn’t expect any less. All of our rents are set up on zelle payments, and they are all due before the last working day of the month by 5 pm which is today. I got the last rent in here about an hour ago.

When you put good tenants in your properties to start with, rent properties people want to live in and you have a strong no nonsense lease that you enforce, you will have a rental business that runs the way it should….on auto pilot. Most of of our tenants have now been with us for four years or more, the oldest tenant I have has been with us for 16 years so far.

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Happy Monday!!

Happy Monday Everyone! Hope it was a productive one!!

Working on deals, coordinating mailings and scheduling Speaking Gigs.

Plus…Monday Night Coaching Calls, those were pretty amazing!! My students are so productive, we are putting together some very profitable deals for my students. Busy day!

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Kathy Kennebrook Begins the New Year With Amazing Coaching Sessions With Her Students!

I am getting ready to start coaching calls in a bit. This will be my fourth day of coaching calls this month. I am super excited for these students, some are already very successful real estate investors.

Each coaching call is customized to that persons desires, goals, financial plan, types of deals they are looking for and where they live. I will even talk to sellers and help them put together deals, this is the part of real estate investing that I really love!!!

My own real estate investing business is pretty much on auto pilot (which I also teach my students how to do), so this leaves me extra time to help others become successful.

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Starting the New Year With Even More Deals With Highly Motivated Sellers

We are starting our new out in a powerful position!!!

I am writing offers on 3 more houses this afternoon. One of them is right next door to a house we bought, rehabbed and flipped three years ago. I have my favorite neighborhoods and this is definitely one of them.

That is one of the unique traits of using very targeted direct mail marketing to find and buy homes from motivated sellers. We target the exact neighborhoods we are looking to buy in and the exact type of potential seller who is much more likely to want to work with us.

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Happy New Year!!!

Let’s Get Some Amazing Vacant Land Deals Done This Year!!!

Happy New Year!! We just put another two pieces of vacant land under contract and we are only four days into the new year!! Folks if you haven’t considered vacant land as an additional stream of income you are missing the boat!! These are some of the most highly motivated sellers I have ever worked with and these are some of the most profitable deals we have done over the years.

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