Kathy Will Be Doing A Marketing Zoom Class for New Jersey REIA with Dave Corsi

I will be doing an amazing zoom class for MREIA in New Jersey on Monday April 5th at 7 pm. I hope to see you there!! This is going to be an info packed night all about how to fill your pipeline with more deals, automate your systems and find some private lenders along the way. Be sure and get registered NOW to hold your spot!! See you there!!!


Kathy Kennebrook Does An Interview With Monick Halm From REGoddesses on How To Be A Successful Female Real Estate Investor

I did an incredible interview with Monik Halm last week on how to become a successful Female Real Estate Investor. Check out the link for lots of wonderful information on growing your real estate investing business!!

kpaddler@att.net – AT&T Yahoo Mail – Your Real Estate Investor Goddesses Podcast Episode is Live


Kathy Kennebrook Is Teaching an All Day Zoom Class on Saturday March 13th

On Saturday March 13th I am teaching a zoom class from 10 am- 2 pm. I will be covering a variety of marketing strategies including planning your budget, finding more private lenders, other types of unique marketing strategies, AND how to make big profits buying selling and leasing vacant land.

No one else but me teaches this stuff!! You do not want to miss this info packed class so get registered today while there is still space. It doesn’t matter if you are not a member of the REIA club, everyone is invited!!! See you there!!!


Kathy Is Doing A Zoom Class On March 4th Where She Will Teach Folks How To Explode Their Pipeline With Eager Sellers and Profitable Deals For the Real Estate Investor

Kathy Kennebrook will be teaching an info packed Zoom Class with Vena Jones-Cox on Thursday March 4th on how to explode your pipeline with eager sellers and profitable deals no one else knows about.

Vena will be teaching a segment on contracts so you do not want to miss this amazing class. Sit at home, take notes and propel your real estate investing business to the next level!! What could be better??

Be sure and get registered now while there is still space in this amazing class. AND don’t forget I will be teaching a one day for Cincinnati REIA on Saturday March 13th. Mark your calendar, more on that coming up soon!!!


What Do You Do As A Real Estate Investor With A Piece Of Vacant Land?

So what do you do with a piece of vacant almost cleared land in a fairly rural area?? Why you talk to the neighbors of course. I ended up leasing this piece of land to a gentleman who raises agricultural worms and needed space to expand his worm farm. It’s a Long term lease and I have learned a ton about agricultural worms in the last few months.

I know a lot of real estate investors like to simply flip vacant land, but then what? There is only so much land out there. While I do buy and sell some pieces of vacant land there are many pieces that I simply keep and lease. Some are leased short term and others are long term leases. I just love the easy monthly income. There are so many ways to make profits with vacant land and it can be bought for dimes on the dollar.

For all the information you need on making big profits buying selling and leasing vacant land check out my website at www.vacantlandgold.com!!