Kathy Kennebrook Does An Amazing Podcast With Julie Houston on How To Get the Deals Done As A Female Real Estate Investor!

If you haven’t had a chance yet, check out this amazing Podcast I did with Julie Houston from Fuller Wallet Media. We spoke in depth about how to get real estate deals done from a Woman’s prospective. Very Enlightening!!! We spoke at length about finding the deals, working with the motivated sellers and getting deals closed!!


Kathy Kennebrook Participates in An Awesome Real Estate Investing Interview with Julie Houston Fuller Wallet Media on Real Estate Investing From the Female Point of View!!

Check out this awesome podcast I just did with Julie Houston from Fuller Wallet Media. We discussed in detail Real Estate Investing from the Female point of view. How to work with sellers, get deals done and more!! Check it out!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtAXDtr7pVo

Kathy Kennebrook Discusses Creating Real Deals With Real Motivated Sellers For the Real Estate Investor

So I have been hearing a lot of folks talking about how to respond to motivated sellers by phone. First of all these calls need to be answered live, not sent to a VA service or an answering service. They need to be answered in your office. It is too important to get the information you need and make sure the seller is comfortable with the person they are working with.

A lot of direct mail campaigns give folks a phone number to call or a 24 hour recorded message. But there is a much better way to pre-screen sellers WITHOUT them calling you at all !!!!

When you implement direct mail marketing my way, you get direct responses from the seller by email, mail, fax or phone giving you all the information you need in order to determine if there is a deal to be made.

Folks the pre-screening is already done for you and you are filtering out the sellers who are not serious about selling their properties. And you save a ton on mailing costs using very targeted letters and very targeted lists. Why waste your time or your dollars on dead deals??

This is the only way I consider doing direct mail. If I am investing money in letter, labor and postage, it is going to bring me the highest number of quality leads possible!!! Then those leads turn into deals and profits for my real estate investing business!

Check out my website at https://www.marketingmagiclady.com/…/kathy-kennebrook-s… or message me for more information. Stop wasting your money on generic mailings or cold calls that bring in tons of dead deals!

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Kathy Kennebrook’s Real Estate Investing Tip of the Day For Finding Highly Motivated Sellers

Marketing Tip for The Day- I always like to test what I am teaching students to do so we took one hour today and went “driving for dollars” We found 18 vacant houses and For Sale By Owner properties in that one hour. We almost always get one to two deals from this practice and we do it about once a month. This is a great source of free leads for your real estate investing business.

Also whenever you are going anywhere take a different route than you usually do to get there and look for potential leads while you are driving or walking, this is another great way to find FSBO and Vacant House leads.

When you are a Marketing Magic Student, I provide a resource for you that will send you For Sale By Owner Listings in your area to you via email on a daily basis. This is just another great idea for you to find even more deals for your real estate investing business!

Check out my website at www.marketingmagiclady.com for more information on finding more very targeted leads for your real estate investing business. Take a look at my Marketing Magic System and be sure and sign up for my FREE Monthly Newsletter as well!!

Kathy Kennebrook Speaking for BRIC in Delray Beach Thursday June 9th

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