Why Kathy Kennebrook Loves Real Estate Investing!

Once again I am reminded why I got into real estate investing in the first place. Besides helping people and buying great houses, town homes, multi families and vacant land it provides a really great income for us and gives us a lot of free time to pursue other interests we have.

Last night we had to take one of our cats to the emergency vet at 9 pm. But not once did we have to think about what his care might cost us, we just took care of our furry boy. When they needed to do x-rays and more testing the answer was “go for it” They told us that a lot of times folks just can’t afford to take care of their animals and it makes their job so much harder. They ended up having to administer several medications and rehydrate him so it wasn’t a cheap visit by any means but that was okay.  Paying for his care was no problem for us.

He is doing much better today thank goodness, we didn’t get home until until almost 1 am this morning. I truly admire the folks who work in those emergency Vet Clinics!

How Kathy Kennebrook Finds All The Motivated Sellers and Lenders She Needs For Her Real Estate Investing Business!

I just had a new private lender call me a few minutes ago and ask me if I needed some money for deals. He heard about me from another private lender I work with who came from one of my direct mail campaigns. We do a specific very targeted direct mail campaign to certain attorneys who bring us deals and funding for our deals. This is such a great way to increase the number of deals you are doing in your real estate investing business!

This is also the whole reason that you run your business with integrity and look in the right places for private lenders and deals. One of my direct mail campaigns brings me private lenders pretty regularly. I love not having to hunt down money for deals and not having to hunt down motivated sellers.

For all the information you need on finding all the private lenders and motivated sellers for your real estate investing business check out my website at www.marketingmagiclady.com While you are there be sure and sign up for my FREE monthly newsletter that comes with gifts!!!

Kathy Kennebrook Discusses a Current Deal She Is Buying From Direct Mail Marketing

I am working on a deal today from a response from my direct mail campaigns. This is a story I have heard before.

The seller inherited a home from a relative whose home she has never seen and she does not live here in Florida where the home is. She just got the assessment for the upcoming tax bill and she is upset. She doesn’t want the house and she doesn’t want to pay the tax bill. And she has gotten notified by the county that the grass needs to be cut.

We will be buying this one for sure. I am sending her photos of the property and a contract and a mini credibility kit so she can check us out and be really comfortable that we can close. Targeted direct mail marketing just works! When you take the time to implement your mail campaigns they are a machine that just churns out deal after deal.

For all the information you need on finding tons of deals with desperate motivated sellers check out my website at www.marketingmagiclady.com. While you are there be sure to sign up for my free monthly newsletter!

Kathy Kennebrook Will Be Showing Folks How To Get Crazy Numbers Of Desperate Motivated Sellers Contacting You First!

If you are going to be in the St Louis or west Illinois area on Tuesday September 17th you want to take the time to visit St. Louis REIA. It is time for their Fall Fling!

That means an evening dinner meeting with a catered dinner for the first 100 folks to register! Then I will be teaching the folks there how to get crazy numbers of very motivated desperate sellers to contact you giving you all the information you need to create the deal!!

I will be bringing gifts! YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS EVENT!!! Event starts at 6 pm. at St Louis Association of Realtors. You want to get registered right away since the last time I spoke there it was packed!!!!

In the meantime check out my website at www.marketingmagiclady.com for all the tools you need get to get deals coming at you right now!

Kathy Kennebrook Update on Deals She is Working On this Week As A Real Estate Investor

I have two more deals under contract this week so far. I love motivated sellers from direct mail marketing. They are so easy to work with. My deals are usually pre-screened when they hit my desk so that makes the offer process so much easier. Plus property tax bills are going out soon so if you are working with a seller who just got another tax bill they don’t want to pay, that just makes them even more motivated to sell to me.

Take the time to listen to what your seller has to say both in writing and when you speak to them. This will help you create an offer that works for you and for your seller. When you create deals that work for your seller, you will just do a whole lot more deals.

For all the information on creating all the deals you need for your real estate investing business check out my website at www.marketingmagiclady.com