Kathy Kennebrook Discusses Her Latest Deal With A Motivated Seller

We just closed on an adorable house this morning. It was a mail away closing and we never met the seller. All correspondence was through the mail and email. Seller got married and moved out of state and was paying a mortgage on an empty house. In addition she was paying insurance and taxes and worrying about vandalism. This was truly a motivated seller. Home overall was in really good condition. It needs trees trimmed back, a new roof, some paint, wood repair, and a couple of new light fixtures. This home will be kept in inventory as either a rental or a lease option property.

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Kathy Kennebrook Has A President’s Day Special On Her Website at www.marketingmagiclady.com

So many folks ask me where I find all the money to fund my deals. Well there are several ways we do this. Taking property subject to the exisitng mortgage, owner financing and private lenders primarily. Private lenders are fairly easy to find if you learn to open your mouth and let people know what you do for a living and how you can help them make money with a solid protected investment.

One of the ways I have created to find deals and private lenders in my business is to contact attorneys who specialize in specific types of law. I have created a direct mail campaign specific to these types of attorneys and I end up getting deals and funding for my deals from these mailings. For all the information you need on creating deals and finding private lenders for your business check out my website at www.marketingmagiclady.com Since today is president’s day I am going to make a special offer for today only!!! Use coupon code “Magic” to get 15% off your entire purchase on my website!!! You will be glad you did!!

Kathy Kennebrook Shares Her Resources To Find The Motivated Sellers Of Inherited Properties

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> It’s a great deal so check out the available counties

Kathy Kennebrook Discusses How To Make More Money on Your Deals By Checking Square Footage of The Property

Before you look at any property for sale be sure and go to the property appraiser’s office or assessors website and get a sketch of the property so you can check out the square footage of the home under air/heat. Most investors do not employ this strategy and end up leaving money on the table by not knowing how many square feet a house really is. Every square foot that is air conditioned or has heat means dollars for your deal.

The reason for this is simple. Many times homeowners will add square footage to a home by adding additional rooms or finishing off carports or changing garages to additional living space without getting the proper permits. This means dollars for you if you follow through the steps to get it to permitted area.

When a home is appraised the appraiser is only counting that space which has been permitted correctly in the total value of the home. So if there is significant area that is living space that was added without permits this is a problem you want to fix in order to make the greatest profit on the home.

We recently purchased a home where the home owner had added 800 square feet of living space to the home without permits. The appraiser would not add this area to the value of the home since it was an unpermitted addition. By fixing this problem we were able to add $100,000 in value to the home we were buying. Folks this is HUGE!!!

We used an engineer to draw plans for us, he submitted them to the county for a permit, we got the permit and the square footage then became legal square footage that we could add as value to our deal. This is a strategy you definitely want to learn! Many investors do not know how to make illegal square footage into legal square footage and significantly increase the value of the home.

By spending a couple thousand dollars to get this done, we added over $100K to our deal….AND we got the seller to pay for it as part of the sales agreement.

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