Kathy Kennebrook is Teaching Marketing at Lou Brown’s Millionaire Deal Maker Book Camp on February 2nd

I have been getting lots of folks who have been asking me about Louis Brown’s Millionaire Deal Maker Boot Camp where I teach the Marketing Day on Sunday February 2nd. The boot camp goes from Thursday January 30 through end of day on Sunday February 2nd.

You don’t want to miss this one. You will learn personally from me how to find the deals, then Lou will be teaching exit strategies, negotiation, contracts, asset protection and so much more!! This boot camp is a four day intensive that you do not want to miss!! Here is the registration link. Go ahead and get registered now while there are just a few seats left!!!


Student Testimonial For Kathy Kennebrook’s Marketing Magic System

I just had another student call me today. He was at an event I did with Lou Brown in April where I teach the marketing day. He invested in my Marketing Magic System at the event.

He implemented the direct mail campaigns just as I teach and just did his first deal using my system. I am so proud of Jay!!! He picked up a lovely house subject to the existing mortgage with a 2.9 interest rate and almost 100K of equity.

He is keeping the house in his rental portfolio and it will cash flow at around five hundred dollars a month for him. He told me how easy the directions were and that the response rate was exactly what he expected.

It’s calls like that make what I do so satisfying – to help students all over the country become successful. He made my Day!!!

Kathy Kennebrook’s First Deal of 2020!

I love working with motivated sellers right after property tax bills go out. I just got a response to one my letters from a motivated seller telling me that she inherited a house from a family member. She doesn’t live in Florida, has never seen the house, doesn’t want the house and will not pay the property tax bill she just got.

I went out and saw the home today, it’s a rehabber for sure. I got back with her tonight with my offer she said yes and the contract and some photos of the house are on their way to her along with an overnight envelope for her to get the contract back to me. I love helping a motivated seller find a solution to their problem!! I will probably wholesale this house since my crew is already busy on a couple of other rehabs we have going on. I am excited!

For all the information you need on finding all the motivated sellers, deals and private lenders you need coming into 2020 check out my website at www.marketingmagiclady.com While you are there be sure and sign up for my FREE monthly newsletter!!! I look forward to working with you this year!!!

2020- Vacant Land Gold How to Make A Fortune Buying Selling and Leasing Vacant Land!

What is your plan for 2020? I will be roaring into 2020 with a new course on buying selling and leasing vacant land! This has been a long time coming based on the strategies I have been using for the last several years. I am excited!

Every student I have discussed this system with so far has responded to my ideas with “Wow I never thought of that!” So I am excited to be providing my students and new customers with new strategies to make huge profits in the new year!!!

This system will cover how to find awesome vacant land deals buying tax certificates, tax deeds, using direct mail marketing, signage and more to find amazing vacant land deals. I will also cover multiple ways to sell and lease vacant land for immediate and long term profits. You DO NOT want to miss this new system.

I will be sending email blasts to my current student base as soon as they system is complete. For the rest of you go to my website at www.marketingmagiclady.com and register for my FREE monthly newsletter so you don’t miss upcoming info on my new system. While you are there check out all the tools I provide for my students to find all the sellers you need to buy all the houses you need.

20% Off Sale www.marketingmagiclady.com

I am working with sellers today, the end of the year is always so busy for us! We are finishing out our year with a bang, certainly not a whimper!

We have had several responses to our direct mail campaigns within the last week or so, working through them and putting together deals.

Since I get most of the information I need from the sellers in the response portion of my letters, making the offer is the easy part!

For all the information you need on using direct mail and other techniques to find all the sellers you need check out my website at www.marketingmagiclady.com While you are there use coupon code merry for 20% off you entire purchase through December 31st.