Kathy Kennebrook Discusses the Art of The Conversation With Motivated Sellers- Part 2

So how are we going to get ready to have a conversation with our motivated sellers? Kathy Kennebrook believes that readiness is a state of mind, and she has put together some ideas for you designed to help you have meaningful and successful conversations with motivated sellers resulting in profitable deals.

First of all, expect to be anxious and know that it’s okay to be anxious. You probably wouldn’t be very good at what you do if you didn’t care about the outcome.

Next, while you are feeling anxious, get in front of a mirror and practice what you are going to say to the seller. Do this more than once. The more you practice what you are going to say, the more comfortable you will be and therefore less likely to forget what you were going to say. Practice controlling your voice and be mindful of how fast you are talking. Your speech should be at a moderate volume and speed when speaking to a seller. Remember to breathe! Practice what you are going to say all the way through without making faces, gasping or throwing out any expletives. Your seller doesn’t care if you’re speech is perfect, they just want to know what you can do for them to help them solve their problem. You might even want to practice what you are going to say in front of a spouse or close friend.

Remember that your sellers are people, just like you. They are probably just as anxious about having a conversation with you. After all, selling their home is a big decision, even if they are ready and know they need to sell.

Expect the unexpected. Maybe the seller will accept your offer right away. Maybe they won’t like your offer at all. You really should have some idea of how to approach this based on the prior conversation you should have had with the seller on the phone.

Kathy Kennebrook also wants you to remember that all of these techniques can be applied to the conversations you are having by telephone with your motivated sellers. In fact, once you get good at conversations with sellers on the phone, many times the deal will be cemented even before you end up face to face with a seller. Also be prepared to sit on couch as opposed to being at a table so bring something hard to write on, like a clip board or a briefcase. If you need to wear glasses don’t forget to bring them with you. If you are bringing a briefcase, stick a flashlight inside. Kathy Kennebrook has had several instances where she has had to fill out paperwork in semi-darkness and a flashlight is a big help. Just learn to expect the unexpected.

Be sure and establish a ritual to get ready to speak to sellers. Make sure you have all your facts and figures straight and make sure you have all the paperwork with you that you could possibly need to cover a variety of scenarios. The more professional you look, the more comfortable the seller will be working with you. Be sure and let your seller know ahead of time what paperwork you need from them.

The easiest and best way to get comfortable working with sellers is by making more offers and doing more deals. Develop a positive attitude and philosophy about making offers. Don’t take it as a personal rejection if the seller doesn’t accept your offer. They may accept a subsequent offer, maybe not.

But do you know what Kathy Kennebrook says about this? There is always another seller waiting in the wings who really wants to work with you and if you are dealing with the right kind of sellers at the beginning, you will make more deals than not. So get out there, make some offers and do some deals!!

For more information on tools for the Real Estate Investor, be sure to visit Kathy Kennebrook’s website at marketingmagiclady.com.

Kathy Kennebrook Discusses The Art of The Conversation With Motivated Sellers For Your Real Estate Investing Business- Part 1

One of the concerns many of Kathy Kennebrook’s students seem to run into is; once they find the deal, what do they say to the motivated sellers? How should that conversation go? On top of these concerns, many of Kathy Kennebrook’s students say they are not really comfortable with having a conversation with a stranger, so how do they handle that conversation?

Okay, so you’ve practiced what you are going to say, you have a plan, you have your paperwork, you’ve probably procrastinated a little, then scheduled your appointment with the seller, so now what? You still feel those butterflies in your stomach and you’re still not comfortable with how the conversation with the seller is going to go. What should you say first? How should you make the offer? What if they ask you something you don’t know? What if they accept your offer? What if they don’t?

Being “ready” or prepared is a relative term. Just because you don’t feel quite ready or totally comfortable dealing with this motivated seller face to face to make the deal doesn’t mean you shouldn’t just jump right in there and do it. You absolutely should!! Kathy understands this concept first hand after having many conversations with motivated sellers. And it only gets easier every time you do it.

Kathy Kennebrook believes that there are definitely some things you can do to get prepared for a conversation with a motivated seller, especially if you haven’t done it before. With adequate preparation you can become more ready than not, and by being more ready, your chances of a successful conversation with your seller are greatly increased. Readiness is not just a practical matter; it is a state of mind that affects our emotions and feelings of preparedness. When you feel more ready to have a conversation with a motivated seller, you begin to relax, creating a more comfortable atmosphere and leaving you with fewer things to worry about.

Having conversations with motivated sellers is an art can be practiced. Kathy Kennebrook knows that with the right approach, it doesn’t have to be scary or unnerving. In fact the conversation with the sellers and the making of the deal should be fun, exciting, challenging and fulfilling, knowing that you are helping this motivated seller solve whatever problem they are having that necessitate them selling their property.

But sometimes it just seems like there are “demons” who hide out, just waiting to turn a normal, intelligent person into a quivering bowl of jello. When we get in front of the seller, we stutter, we mumble, we keep changing the subject, anything to steer away from the matter at hand. And worse still, we start to sweat, our hands begin to shake, and our memory of what we were going to say just fades away and we forget important facts we wanted to share.

Kathy Kennebrook shared a scenario where she had an appointment with a motivated seller and drove around the block four times before turning into the seller’s drive-way, just to try to calm the jitters she was having. She ended up buying the property and later on the sellers mentioned to her that they had seen her going around the block several times. Fortunately they all had a good chuckle over it.

So how do we get past these jitters? And how do we get ready for these all important conversations with motivated sellers?

Be sure to read part two of this article next week when Kathy Kennebrook shares many ideas to get ready for these all important conversations with sellers and get your deals made!

In the meantime, be sure to visit Kathy Kennebrook’s website at marketingmagiclady.com where you can find many tools she has available for buying and selling properties quickly for your Real Estate Investing business.

Huge Legal Savings as a Real Estate Agent or Investor

© 2008 by Wendy Patton

Some of the largest expenses you will incur as a Real Estate Investor will probably be your attorney bill. As investors we need attorneys for handling evictions, reviewing contracts, setting up our estates, drafting contracts, etc.

I started investing in real estate in 1985. As my investing business grew I built up a network of attorneys, this was something that just seemed to happen over time and thousands of dollars later. I first found an eviction attorney, since I had many rental properties. I then ended up needing to create a few LLC’s (Limited Liability Companies) for my various properties and partnerships. With this need, I hired a corporate attorney.

Over time I ended up with some tough cases against some of my past tenants owing me larger amounts of money. I wanted a “pit bull” attorney, a litigator, to go after them, so I hired a litigator. Over the years, my assets increased rapidly with my real estate purchases, and I found myself needing an estate-planning attorney. I wanted a living trust created. WOW and this is just a few of them.

I realized that legal fees were something that you must incur in any business; however, saving legal fees was even more important to me. I needed experts in all areas of law, but I hesitated to call each of them unless I really had to have their representation. Each call was a minimum 15 minutes I was billed for – at $200/hour – every time I called it cost me $50. Sometimes I would call for a simple question and get a $50 bill.

As a Real Estate Investor, you will have many questions. It is too expensive to pick up the phone and call an attorney for each little question you will have. So, what do we do? We either ask someone (another investor) who has experience, but they might not be giving us a legal opinion, or we do without. Both paths can be very costly or end up disastrous. Kathy Kennebrook has had the same experience in her Real Estate Investing business as well so she wanted me to share this important information with you.

Back in 1997 I was attending a real estate seminar and someone spoke on a service called Pre-Paid Legal. Up to that moment I had not heard of it, but I was fascinated by what it could help me save in expenses. I absolutely loved the attorneys that I had in my network, but I didn’t want to spend unnecessary legal fees either. To this day I still have the same attorneys as I did when I first started in this business, but now I also have the service called Pre-Paid Legal. It has saved me thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars each year!

Pre-Paid Legal has several different components to the plan. The first plan is called the Expanded Family Plan. It offers many services. It is not a be all end all for the real estate investor, but it is so reasonable, that you can’t afford to NOT have it. As a member this plan gives you access to A+ rated law firms in every state, all over the United States and also 4 Provinces in Canada. What you receive with this plan is amazing: unlimited phone calls to your local attorney firm, review of personal contracts up to 10 pages in length (no charge and unlimited), one business contract review per year, representation in court if you are personally sued (the trial and pre-trial hours continue to grow each year you are member up to 335 hours in year five), audit representation on your personal tax return with a tax attorney, drafting of yours and your spouses will (with updates each year), court appearances for moving traffic violations (accidents and speeding tickets), and much more. The great thing about Pre-Paid Legal is that it works in other states, other than where you live, if you need an attorney. I invest in many out of state properties. The attorney’s in my network are not licensed in those states. Pre-Paid Legal will refer me to an attorney in those states for my real estate needs, and also any speeding tickets. The cost for this plan is only $25 per month. You can see why it is a no-brainer if you are serious about investing in real estate, for that matter even if you are not.

There is also a Home-Based Business Rider available in most states. This add on plan gives the real estate investor: 3 business contracts reviewed per month up to 15 pages in length, 3 collection letters per month, and 3 business letters written on behalf of your business per month. As a member you will also get access to a website full of downloadable contracts and also many articles on small business. The website you will receive access to is called: www.gosmallbuz.com The cost for Home Based Business Rider, as an add on to the Expanded Family Plan is only $14.50 per month. If you are in a state that has this plan, you will definitely want to take advantage of it’s availability.

The last plan that Pre-Paid Legal offers and that Kathy Kennebrook and I personally have is the “Identity Theft Rider”. This plan will not only monitor your credit daily and tell you of anyone that touches your credit, but the plan will also restore your identity if it is confiscated and misused. Did you know that one out of every four families this year will be affected by Identity Theft? This plan can be added on for only $9.95 per month.

All of the plans are for the entire family: kids to the age of 23 if a full time student, and your spouse or significant other (if you live together). Identity Theft is for both partners.

I use Pre-Paid Legal with my current attorneys to formulate my legal team. For me, this service was, and still is a no-brainer. I could give you countless number of stories on how I have used it over the years and how it has saved me thousands of dollars, I’m sure Kathy Kennebrook can as well but here are just a few of mine:

Example 1: I was refinancing an apartment building and needed a rushed appraisal.

Unfortunately, the appraisal had mistakes in it and was not completed on time. I tried to get my money back. The cost was $2400! The mortgage company and appraiser ignored my many requests for reimbursement. I even sent certified letters requesting a refund. No response from anyone I was utterly and completely ignored. I decided enough was enough and I called Pre-Paid Legal. That same day they sent a letter out to the appraiser (no charge to me) and the mortgage company. Within 2 weeks we had received a check for $2400 returned to us. Amazing that my letters meant nothing, but a letter from a high-powered attorney firm got a response!

Example 2: When my daughter had turned 16 she had 2 car accidents involving other people (4 accidents in all, but that’s a whole other story) I called Pre-Paid Legal for representation for these two accidents and they went to court with us. At 16 years old you can lose your license for this many accidents in a short period of time. At both appearances they were able to get all the points removed and her record is pretty much clean. She did have to pay the fines and attend a 1-day class, but she didn’t lose her license nor did our insurance go up due to potential points on her record. Having an attorney on your team really makes a difference!

I felt the need to share this information with all of you. I wish I had known about the service when I was starting out as an investor. If you like what you have read about the service and would like more information, you can go to www.chooseyourlegalplan.com and review the plans first hand. If you like what you read, you can sign up directly right on the aforementioned site. If you have further questions please call Kathy Kennebrook at 941-792-5390 and she will be happy to answer them based on your specific needs or wants.

To your success,

Wendy Patton