Unique Strategies to Locate Motivated Sellers

There are several rather unusual ways that I like to use to locate motivated sellers. One of these is to contact auction houses and work with them on purchasing homes. Many times an auction house will be contacted by an heir to sell items remaining in a property to settle an estate or to simply get rid of things remaining in the property after they inherit it. The next item of business to get the property sold as well. You can make a deal with the auction house to contact you when these situations arise. If you offer a fair price and the auction house gets paid a commission, this is a good way to buy houses no one else knows about.

Another unique way to buy houses that no one thinks about is to contact local attorneys in your area who handle estate, probate, family, and business law. Quite often someone will come to them with a probate situation or a divorce situation or a bankruptcy situation that they need handled. Very often, these cases also include the need to sell a property quickly in order to liquidate assets. If you do what you say you are going to do and offer a fair price, these attorneys will continue to send you leads. This is one of the ways that I use in my business to bring in new leads.

Another way to find motivated sellers is to contact mortgage brokers who deal with private lenders. I have personally purchased several foreclosure properties this way. A private lender would just as soon sell a property they have had to foreclose on to you as they would rehab it themselves or sell it conventionally. This is an excellent way for you to get leads coming into your business, especially if you are just getting started. Very often the same private lender who had to foreclose will finance the same property for you if they see that you are going to get it sold and get them paid off.

As a real estate investor, you always want to be finding new ways to locate properties no one else knows about. For all you marketing solutions, visit us at marketingmagiclady.com.

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