Kathy Is Doing A Zoom Class On March 4th Where She Will Teach Folks How To Explode Their Pipeline With Eager Sellers and Profitable Deals For the Real Estate Investor

Kathy Kennebrook will be teaching an info packed Zoom Class with Vena Jones-Cox on Thursday March 4th on how to explode your pipeline with eager sellers and profitable deals no one else knows about.

Vena will be teaching a segment on contracts so you do not want to miss this amazing class. Sit at home, take notes and propel your real estate investing business to the next level!! What could be better??

Be sure and get registered now while there is still space in this amazing class. AND don’t forget I will be teaching a one day for Cincinnati REIA on Saturday March 13th. Mark your calendar, more on that coming up soon!!!


What Do You Do As A Real Estate Investor With A Piece Of Vacant Land?

So what do you do with a piece of vacant almost cleared land in a fairly rural area?? Why you talk to the neighbors of course. I ended up leasing this piece of land to a gentleman who raises agricultural worms and needed space to expand his worm farm. It’s a Long term lease and I have learned a ton about agricultural worms in the last few months.

I know a lot of real estate investors like to simply flip vacant land, but then what? There is only so much land out there. While I do buy and sell some pieces of vacant land there are many pieces that I simply keep and lease. Some are leased short term and others are long term leases. I just love the easy monthly income. There are so many ways to make profits with vacant land and it can be bought for dimes on the dollar.

For all the information you need on making big profits buying selling and leasing vacant land check out my website at www.vacantlandgold.com!!

Kathy Kennebrook Will Be Joining Vena Jones-Cox for an Amazing Interview on Wednesday March 3rd at 5 pm

If you listen to the Real Life Real Estate Radio segment in the Cincinnati area, WMKV 89.3 FM, be sure and tune in on Wednesday March 3rd at 5 pm where I will be participating in an info packed interview with Vena Jones-Cox.

This one is going to be really different from what you are used to. We are going to be discussing how a person becomes successful at whatever business they are in and what tactics and secrets they employ to become successful.

This interview will cover the “why” and”how” Like how to develop good habits in your business, how to become disciplined, how to track and prioritize your time and lots more!! I am really looking forward to this one!! See you there!!!

Kathy Kennebrook Catches Up With Her Audience On What She Has Been Doing in Her Real Estate Investing Business

So I have been really busy working with motivated sellers and doing deals. We are getting responses from our mailings and other marketing techniques from many sellers who need to sell their homes for a variety of reasons!

We are also closing on the sale of a property this coming Friday, a very cute three bedroom house. I am excited for the first time home buyers!

I just realized I haven’t posted on my blog recently and that’s because our business is super busy. We are doing lot of deals with sellers of houses and multi families and lots of owners of vacant land as well.

Folks there are a ton of deals out there if you know where to find them!! Check out my website at www.marketingmagiclady.com for all the info you need on finding all the deals you can handle in your real estate investing business!!! AND be sure and check out my website at www.vacantlandgold.com for all the information you need on finding, buying, selling and leasing vacant land. It’s just another awesome source of additional income for you!!!

Kathy Kennebrook’s Ideas on Buying Houses and Buying and Leasing Vacant Land For The Real Estate Investor

We got another house under contract this week and bought a piece of vacant land and have another one under contract for sale. The piece of land that is now under contract for sale is the one we had multiple offers on.

The piece of vacant land we just bought will probably be leased since it has a lot of possibilities and it’s in a great area in North Florida. Right now there are lots of opportunities to buy vacant land, especially since property tax bills just went out. There is nothing that motivates a seller more than having a piece of land they neither want nor need and another property tax bill to pay. Plus we are buying some pieces of vacant land from people who just need the cash. And….buying vacant land can be easier and just as profitable as buying houses. That’s what I love about this business, so many opportunities to put together profitable deals.

And…..instead of selling off your vacant land, lease it. There are so many ways to lease vacant land. Talk to neighbors, sometimes they need extra land that is right next to theirs. You can also lease vacant land to landscape companies who need room to store rock or railroad ties or other decorative landscaping items. We have leased land to a canoe outpost, urban nurseries, an agricultural worm farmer, for parking, to pop up markets (fireworks, vegetable stands, Christmas Tree lots and most recently Tampa Bay Buccaneers gear) You can also lease to Billboard companies for long term leases or if you have a large piece of land you can lease to a company that does Solar Arrays or Wind Farming. We have even leased land to campers. So the opportunities are endless and vary a lot by region.

This is why I love the real estate investing business and I love buying and leasing vacant land. The opportunities truly are endless! For all the information you need on buying selling and leasing vacant land check out my website at www.vacantlandgold.com