Implementing A Tenant Referral Program In Your Real Estate Investing Business Will Bring You A Ton Of New Deals

So how many folks are using a tenant referral system in your real estate investing business?? I mean using your tenants as bird dogs to bring you deals. If you are not using this amazing technique you are missing out on a huge number of new leads for your business.

I have developed a letter that we send to all of our tenants twice a year reminding them that we pay for leads. So basically, if a tenant brings me a lead and I close on it I give our tenants a “credit” of a certain amount toward their rent the following month. And how much that is becomes entirely up to you.

Folks you don’t know what your tenants know. We have one tenanat who brings us leads and deals because he works at a home improvement store. We have another tenant who has brought us 3 deals already because she is greedy and likes those credits. AND you don’t pay for the leads until you close on the deal.

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How To Get High Response Rates From Your Direct Mail Marketing and Find Even More Motivated Sellers

Good Afternoon Everyone! I was just thinking about a question I got a lot at last night’s meeting in Tampa and that is “How do you get such high reponse rates from your Direct Mail?” The answer is simple my friends.

First of all you need to make sure the list is solid and current. Next there are specific criteria that we use to create each list depending on what kind of motivated seller we are trying to attract. This means we are honing in on the most highly motivated sellers within each list.

Then I use very specific letters with specific language targeting the sellers I am trying to reach. I also tell the sellers exactly what I want them to do and what information I need in order to create the deal. So not only do we get high response rates, the responses from my mailings also have the information from the seller that I need about their property so the deals are prescreened for me.

So if you take the time to create a successful direct mail campaign, your letters will continue to churn out deal after deal. If you want all the information and tools to create really successful direct mail campaigns with a multitude of sellers take the time to invest in my Marketing Magic System which you can find on my website at

Creating Successful Direct Mail Campaigns To Motivated Sellers For The Real Estate Investor

I have been getting alot of questions on how to create successful direct mail campaigns. While there is a lot of information I could cover on this subject, the short answer is simply this.

Pick your targeted prospects by deciding which sellers you want to work with and what kinds of deals you would like to do, use a very targeted list (my lists are honed by using specific criteria to find the most highly motivated sellers), create a letter with language that targets the prospects you are mailing to, and then most importantly use a response mechanism within the body of your letter that tells the seller exactly what you want them to do and what information you need in order to determine whether there is a deal.

When you receive the responses from the sellers they are prescreened for you. This last step is where most investors fail miserably. When my responses come back from my sellers I have all the information I need and photos to determine if there is a deal there. The more information a seller gives you the more motivated they are.

Then take the time to follow up with semi motivated sellers. This will make you thousands of dollars more in your real estate investing business. For all the information and tools you need to create successful direct mail campaigns check out my website at When you order my Marketing Magic System be sure and use coupon code “magic” to recieve a 15% discount on my system

Kathy Kennebrook is doing deals this week AND Speaking At Tampa REIA on Thursday Evening!

I have been a busy girl this week. We started our newest rehab this week which is already starting to look like a pretty house (it was UGLY) It’s amazing what just getting the yard looking good will do. I have a couple more houses under contract and I am working with some super motivated sellers. I am also going to be speaking on how to find these amazing deals at Tampa REIA tomorrow night!!! Be there! Meeting starts at 5:00 pm and I will be speaking at 7:30 I can’t wait to see you!!!! DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Tampa Bay 3050 N Rocky Point Dr W, Tampa, Florida 33607

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I also include another “cheat sheet” if you will, listing the paperwork you will require from the seller in order to make an offer. Building your personal Credibility Kit is going to be one of the most important tools you add to your business. Nothing speaks louder or more clearly about you or your integrity than letters from your sellers, personal reference letters, letters from your lenders, copies of ads you have run, photos of properties you have bought and sold, and the professionalism that a Credibility Kit presents to your seller!!

Think about any time you have had someone do work for you, like countertops or roofing or exterior siding. Didn’t they have a book to show you samples of the work they have done? This is what a Credibility Kit does for you in your business, shows your sellers how you can help. No one has put together a system like this. You have all the tools you need to get started including: 1.Complete directions on how to set up your credibility kit and why you need to have one. 2.How to use your credibility kit to find private lenders to fund your deals. 3.A complete list of each item your Credibility Kit needs to have and how to get it. 4.A set of sample letters from sellers, lenders, personal references and vendor letters from my personal credibility kit so you know exactly what they should look like and how they should read. 5.I have also included sample Ads you should run to add to your credibility kit. 6.A complete template to build your own Credibility Kit on CD. All you have to do is fill in your company information, print it out and you’re on your way! 7.As a special bonus, I have even included the Presentation Book for you to put your information in so you have everything you need at your fingertips to get started right away! This is an additional value of $14.95.

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