Kathy Kennebrook is Doing and Info Packed Marketing Meeting for Baltimore REIA!

If you want to power your way into 2022 with all the sellers and all the deals you need for your real estate investing business, you Do Not want to miss my upcoming meeting with Baltimore REIA on December 8th.

You do not have to be a member to attend this amazing meeting that will catapult your business into the new year!!!

BUT…….you do need to register right away to hold your spot!! This is a webinar so spots are limited so get registered right now!!!

Kathy Kennebrook is Doing a Training for Baltimore REIA in December 2021

If you are part of Baltimore REIA, live in the DC Maryland area or you just want to start out your real estate investing business with a big push forward going into 2022 then be sure to get registered for the Baltimore RIEA meeting on the evening of December 8th AND the amazing One Day training I will be doing for them on Saturday December 11th at 10 am.

I will be covering ALOT of material so come prepared to take notes!! I will be showing folks how to fill their pipeline with an unlimited number of motivated sellers and new deals, plus on Saturday I will also be covering how to Buy Sell and Lease vacant land, how to find more private lenders, how to plan your budget, how to build your buyers list, how to create a deal and make the offer and MUCH MORE!!!

You can register for the meeting even if you are not a member of Baltimore REIA. Check it out and get registered NOW while there are spots available. This is a webinar, not a zoom class so space is limited!!!! http://www.baltimorereia.com/marketing-magic-with-kathy-kennebrook-december-2021/

Marketing Magic with Kathy Kennebrook - December 2021 - Baltimore REIA

BALTIMOREREIA. Magic with Kathy Kennebrook – December 2021 – Baltimore REIA The region’s premier real estate investing club for education and networking. Get a free pass to your first meeting.

Helping Your Tenants Achieve The Dream of Home Ownership!

So this morning I am spending time preparing a lease/option for a tenant who has been in our property for six years. He is now ready to purchase the property but he doesn’t have quite enough of a down payment and we need to clean up a couple of credit issues so we are converting him to a lease option.

So I get a chunk of cash now, increased rent and a big chunk of cash when he closes on the home. Happy Tuesday to me.

One of the things we do in our business is to send our tenants a letter periodically asking them if they have any interest in purchasing the home they are in. We have converted several to lease/options over the years and they end up closing on the home.

This is a great way to convert long term tenants to home owners. For all the information you need on finding motivated sellers and deals check out my website at www.marketingmagiclady.com