Yesterday we got our lists for the tax certificate sales coming up in the counties we buy in here in Florida. Folks if you are looking for potential vacant land deals, NOW is the time to begin your targeted direct mail campaigns to these very motivated potential sellers, especially if you are here in Florida.

If you live in other areas, these list dates will be different for you. These are some of the most highly motivated sellers we work with. It has the address right on there for the seller since these are the addresses the tax bills are mailed to.

I go through the list carefully and pick out potential sellers of properties I might be interested in. Here in Florida you can go online to the property appraiser’s office and look the properties up by the tax ID number. The last mailing I did, we sent out 147 pieces of mail and we created 8 profitable deals. These are HIGHLY motivated sellers of vacant land!!!

In my system Vacant Land Gold I explain to you step by step how to acquire and either sell or lease these excellent deals. I include all the contracts, the disclosures, letters of intent, how to find the pieces of land, and all the information you need on selling or leasing vacant land. If you go to my website you can grab your copy at

You also get ME for one full year to help you get your deals done. Everyone tells my system is way too inexpensive but I want you to have the opportunity to do these awesome deals and add another profit stream to your real estate investing business. If you have any questions just ask!!

Don’t Leave Money On the Closing Table When Doing Deals As A Real Estate Investor!!

Advice for the Day- When you are closing on the purchase or the sale of a property CHECK YOUR HUD1 Carefully!!! I have bought and sold hundreds of homes and I can only think of a couple of closings where there weren’t mistakes on the HUD1.

Make sure you check your payoff if you are paying off a mortgage, check the per diem amounts, check any pro-rations (they were wrong on the last property I closed on just a couple of weeks ago) Double check that items to be paid outside of closing aren’t on the HUD1.

I also recently received a payoff on a private mortgage I had funded and we were overpaid by about 700.00. (Again per diem was calculated incorrectly) When I called the investor I loaned the money to he said he was so focused on that bottom line number he didn’t even check. Folks Don’t leave money you are entitled to on the closing table or in someone else’s pocket!!

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Handling Situations in Your Real Estate Business Including Evictions

We are in the middle of evicting a tenant currently. This is the first eviction we have had since 2012. Most of our tenants stay long term because we provide and excellent place to live and a fair lease.

This tenant started out as a great tenant for the first two years and then we don’t know what happened. She just started breaking all the rules including choosing not to pay her rent. Rent was due on the last working day of the month and we filed a three day notice on the 2nd of this month. (There was a weekend in there) We do not fool around!

We will get this one turned around and then on to the next. We have an attorney in place who handles all of our legal matters for us including evictions. Folks your rentals are a business, do NOT get emotionally involved with your tenants or their excuses.

Follow through with whatever you lease states regarding rental payments. If a tenant contacts us and tells us they are going to be late by a day or two, we have a late fee in place to handle that situation. When a tenant completely ignores us and does not pay rent, eviction follows immediately.

This is a gorgeous home in an excellent neighborhood, we won’t have any problem finding someone else who will love the home, and this one will continue to create income for us. Today’s lesson- have your team in place in your business to handle situations like this as they arise. Stick to your guns and follow the contract you have implemented in your rental business.

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Kathy Kennebrook is Working With Coaching Students to Propel Their Real Estate Investing Business To The Next Level!!

Coaching calls come up quickly as the weeks go by so fast!! I love my Monday night real estate investing coaching students. They are so motivated to get deals done and change their lives.

Steve got his first deal done this last week which he wholesaled for $14,000. Not bad for the first one. We set specific goals for him, came up with a plan to accomplish those goals, put a marketing plan in place to help him locate lots of motivated sellers, started working on creating his dream team and got this “little” wholesale deal done!! Congrats Steve, I am so glad to be your coach and help you propel your business to where you want it to be!!!

Steve had been a Marketing Magic Student for a year or so but he needed someone to help him get organized and get his real estate investing business moving. So he jumped into coaching with me. So now I get to really help him get his business where he wants it to be.

That first wholesale deal paid for his coaching and a lot more so he is a happy happy camper!!

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Kathy Will Be Speaking At Boca Real Estate Investors Club (BRIC) on June 9th

So I bet you are wondering why I haven’t been speaking at any real estate investor events recently. Well some of you already know hubby had an accident in February and broke his ankle and ruptured his Achilles tendon. Since then our lives have been full of doctor’s visits and physical therapy.

And while he is not fully healed yet, my first speaking engagement since the accident will be on June 9th at BRIC with David Dweck in Boca Raton. I am so looking forward to showing folks how to find the deals no one else knows about.

I know this has been a huge concern for real estate investors with the crazy market we are currently in. However, we have been doing deals regularly as we always have using the amazing marketing strategies I will be covering when I get to see all of you At Boca Reia on June 9th. If you are looking to propel your business to the next level and find all the amazing deals that are out there, you do not want to miss this awesome event!!! See you there!!

In the meantime be sure and check out my website at for all the tools you need for your real estate investing business.