Here is the Link to Charles Doben’s Podcast With Kathy Kennebrook

Make sure you check out the amazing info packed podcast Kathy Kennebrook did with Charles Dobens on filling your pipeline with even more deals from highly motivated sellers!! If you are a serious real estate investor you need to position yourself to locate even more deals in our current market!

Awesome Podcast with Me Kathy Kennebrook and Charles Dobens on Finding All the Motivated Sellers You Need No Matter What Your Current Market Is Doing

Residual Mailings Are the Way to Find Deals in Our Current Market!

Folks,You know I advocate residual direct mail as an ongoing source of new leads. Well….NOW is the time folks!!

If you have estates and probates and out of state owners you were mailing to, you need to repeat those mailings and follow up with your semi motivated sellers. Their financial situation may now be changing due to this new situation and these are becoming really motivated sellers for us because they need cash for their families.

My office is busy right now dealing with motivated sellers because now folks aren’t quite as motivated to buy houses so this leave more opportunities for us as real estate investors to help these folks who need to sell homes.

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Rehabbing Historic Homes

Good Morning Everyone! So last night we were watching one of my favorite programs-This Old House Trade School and it got me to thinking about all the really cool historic homes we have rehabbed and sold over the years. The oldest home we rehabbed was built in 1893. Very historic, wonderful architecture and a really interesting rehab. it was a two story home on 3/4 acre which is not the norm where I live.

It’s very challenging at times trying to find items to bring these vintage homes back to as close to original as we could other than updating the kitchen and baths. We worked with Salvage places to find some of the items we needed.

We also found many historic items in the attic of this particular home and those items went to various local museums, we were honored to be a part of that.

There are motivated sellers everywhere and with every kind of home you can imagine. And by the way this home came to mind because we ended up owning it twice over the years. What is the oldest home you have rehabbed??

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Kathy Is Speaking in Boynton Beach This Week on How to Buy Sell and Lease Vacant Land!

I will be speaking at Tropical REIA with Deb Bracknell in Boynton Beach this coming Wednesday evening March 11.

If you are going to be in the area you need to come by and learn how to make huge profits buying selling and leasing vacant land. There are hardly any investors working this unique corner of the marketplace so there is virtually no competition for these incredible deals.

AND most investors are buying and flipping vacant land. Very few are thinking about the amazing potential of long term income from these deals. I can’t wait to share these strategies that we have been implementing in our real estate investing business for years!!! Be there or be square!!

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