Kathy Kennebrook and Bill Barnett Webinar on How To Make A Profit Buying Selling and Leasing Vacant Land

I am so pleased to share with you that on Tuesday night June 2nd I am doing a webinar with one of my oldest and dearest friends……Bill Barnett, the author of “Are You Dumb Enough To Be Rich?” We are so excited to share with everyone how to make huge profits buying selling and leasing vacant land as another stream of income for your real estate investing business! Join us Tuesday evening, I can’t wait!! This webinar is going to be wonderful!!! Get registered NOW while we have lots of space for you!!!


Kathy Kennebrook’s Podcast With Mitch Stephen- Making Huge Profits Buying Selling and Leasing Vacant Land

Here is the link to an awesome information packed podcast I did with Mitch Stephen on How to Make Huge Profits Buying Selling and Leasing Vacant Land! This is a perfect stream of income to add to your real estate investing business!! Check it out!


Get More Realtors Working With You In Your Real Estate Investing Business!!

I have been getting tons of questions and debate about how to effectively work with a Realtor in your real estate investing business. I have the answer for you!!! Your Realtor is going to be an essential part of your dream team as you build your Real Estate Investing business. This product was developed to help you to pre-qualify and train your Realtor to take your business to the next level. While creating this product I recorded an interview for you with my personal Realtor who is not only a Realtor of 40 years but a Real Estate Investor as well. We covered for you point by point the techniques your Realtor needs to know and the skills they need to have in order to find you highly qualified motivated sellers and pre-qualified prospective buyers to purchase your properties quickly and for the highest profit possible.

You will learn:

Why you need a skilled Realtor as part of your Dream
How a skilled Realtor can help you take your business to
the next level
Where and how to find your Dream Team Realtor
How Realtors get paid and how to negotiate commissions
How to fine tune your Realtor’s marketing skills
What questions you need to ask your Realtor in order to
pre-qualify them
How to make sure your Realtor is skilled at creative
techniques to buy and sell properties
How your Dream Team Realtor can provide you with leads
your competition knows nothing about.

And so much more!! I have even included two worksheets for you so you have the tools you need to pre-qualify the Realtor you are going to work with. One worksheet covers the questions you need to ask your prospective Dream Team Realtor regarding their skills when it comes to providing you with qualified leads and the other covers the questions you need to ask regarding their ability to get your properties marketed and sold quickly. Check it out and grab a copy today so you can start working with more Realtors in Your business!!! I am having a special sale on this product for only $99 for a limited time!!


Why Is Buying Selling and Leasing Vacant Land so Profitable??

I just received a check to pay off a mortgage I am holding on a piece of vacant land in a county in North Florida. I had no idea this payoff was coming, what a nice surprise on a Saturday. Now I will have to buy another piece of vacant land to replace the income from this one.

Buying, Selling, Leasing and Owner Financing Vacant Land is such a profitable stream of income in my business. For all the information you need on Buying, Selling and Leasing vacant land, check out my website at www.vacantlandgold.com

Ready For a Great Read?? Grab a Copy Of Kathy Kennebrook’s Your Personal Path to Prosperity

While you are at home looking for a great read don’t forget to grab a copy of my kindle book- Real Estate Principles- Your Personal Path to Prosperity https://www.amazon.com/Real-Estate-Principles…/…/ref=sr_1_2… Your Personal Path to Prosperity was created to provide you with a thorough overview of the tools and skill sets you will need to build a successful Real Estate Investment Business including Organizational skills, Marketing skills, Deal Funding skills, Time Management skills, Exit Strategies, Closing skills and Wealth Building techniques designed to enable you to take your business to the next level.

This innovative, practical Guide includes valuable information on

Choosing the Road to Wealth

Managing Your Time More Efficiently

Marketing Your Way to Success- Developing a Marketing Strategy

Uncovering the Secrets to Locating Motivated Sellers

How Following Up With Motivated Sellers Can Make You Millions

Wholesaling Your Way to Millions

Selling Houses in a Sluggish Market

Making a Fortune Buying and Selling Vacant Land

Diversifying Your Business/Building Multiple Streams of Income

Ten Deadly Mistakes That Will Kill Your Dream

Golden Opportunities to Fund Your Deals

Running Your Rental Business on Auto-Pilot

12 Steps to the Closing Table and the Big Check

Getting Paid to Buy Houses

Using Auctions to Get Properties Sold Quickly

Resources for the Real Estate Investor

AND SO MUCH MORE!!! This book was designed to reveal your “blind spots” so you can change your future and set a course for success in your Real Estate Investing Business. As a long-term entrepreneur, author and Real Estate Investor, I have unleashed a wealth of information that will set you light years ahead of your competition and jump start your Real Estate Investment Business