Kathy Kennebrook is Speaking On Finding Motivated Sellers and Vacant Land Deals in North and South Carolina in June 2023

I am combining a trip to North and South Carolina to speak at Upstate CREIA in Greenville SC and then Asheville CREIA in North Carolina. I will be speaking at each meeting on June 19th and 20th and then we are combining for an all day on Saturday June 24th.

Dates and times are- CREIA in Greenville, SC meeting on Monday night June 19th, then Asheville CREIA in NC on Tuesday night June 20th. Then the Saturday event will be at the Hilton Gardens Inn, 108 Carolina Point Pkwy in Greenville, SC. The Saturday event will be from 9 am- 4 pm. I understand that lunch is included with your registration.

The Saturday event is going to be info packed. You DO NOT want to miss it!! Here is Just some of what I am going to cover!!!

How to Target Specific Types of Motivated Sellers Using Very Unique Letters and Stacked Lists

How To Have Your Deals Pre-screened by the seller before the responses hit your desk

Learning Your Demographic, Planning Your Budget, How to Find Private Lenders, How to Use Attorneys to Bring You Great Deals

Creating a Credibility Kit and Why You Need to Have One

Creating Your Buyers List, Key Components to Build Your Real Estate Investing Business

Why You Should Be Investing In Vacant Land. Making Huge Profits Buying, Selling, And…….LEASING Vacant Land.

Targeting Specific Types of Sellers of Vacant Land using Targeted Direct Mail, Tax Certificate Sales and Tax Deed Sales

Real Deal Examples

How to Figure Out the Value of Vacant Land and How to Increase the Value of Vacant Land

How to Sell and How to Lease Vacant Land for Long Term Profits and SO MUCH MORE!!!!

Feel free to email me at kathy@marketingmagiclady.com for more information.

If you are going to be in the Asheville or Greenville Areas in June you don’t want to miss these amazing events!!!!

Kathy Kennebrook Spends Some Time Looking Back At Deals She Has Done Over the Years With Motivated Sellers As a Real Estate Investor

So this afternoon was spent paddling around in the pool and talking about some of the deals we have done over the years. Do your houses have as many stories as ours do?? We have done so many real estate deals over the last twenty years, in the hundreds. And so many of them really stand out for us. In fact some houses we have owned more than once.

 We had one house we bought from a seller, fixed it up and sold it to a buyer, then bought it back plus another house from that same buyer.

I had another one that I got subject to the existing mortgage because the seller wanted to move back to her home state and then three of her family members deeded their houses to us so they could go with her. Four subject to deals in one family. Then the first seller moved back to Florida later and bought another house from us.

Then there was the monkey house which many of you have heard the story about. And then one of the biggest deals we ever did was a house that belonged to a major league baseball player, it was over 13,000 square feet. We rehabbed that one and sold it. Then we bought it again when it came up as a foreclosure. It’s been quite an interesting ride over the last twenty years.

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When Delinquent Tax Bills Go Out Kathy Kennebrook Starts Creating a Bunch of New Deals With New Highly Motivated Sellers!!!

So my girls are beginning my direct mail campaigns targeting the folks who have delinquent tax bills, both for homes and for vacant land deals. The weekly newspaper in the areas I target publish the list in the newspaper each week for three weeks prior to the tax Certificate Sale.

I have created specific targeted direct mail campaigns to these very motivated sellers that will get mailed prior to the tax certificate sale. Can you say…… a lot more deals are heading my way in the coming month?????? These are absolutely the most highly motivated sellers you will EVER deal with!!! The response rates to these mailings is ridiculously high!!!

Here is a sample of what the list looks like for just one of the counties I work in. I’m currently targeting sellers in 4 specific counties I like to buy sell and lease properties in. My students throughout the country are realizing the same kind of results I am whether they live in a tax certificate or a tax deed state. It doesn’t matter which, what matters is the quality of these lists which is beyond phenomenal!! I also have companies that can produce these same types of lists for you.

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Real Estate Investors Getting Great Leads For Motivated Sellers From Their Tenants

So how many folks are using a tenant referral system in your real estate investing business to bring you more leads?? I mean using your tenants as bird dogs to bring you deals.

If you are not using this amazing technique you are missing out on a huge number of new leads for your business that cost you nothing until you buy the deal. I have developed a letter that we send to all of our tenants twice a year reminding them that we pay for leads.

So basically, if a tenant brings me a lead and I close on it I give our tenants a “credit” of a certain amount toward their rent the following month. And how much that is becomes entirely up to you. Folks you don’t know what your tenants know. We have one tenant who brings us leads and deals because he works at a home improvement store. We have another tenant who has brought us 3 deals already because she is greedy and likes those credits. AND you don’t pay for the leads until you close on the deal.

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One of Kathy Kennebrook’s Latest Deals

In the last couple of weeks we had another really motivated seller contact us about buying their house through a response from one of our direct mail campaigns.

The Sellers spouse passed away, house needs rehab and she is ready to move on. That’s the short version. This unfortunately is a kind of typical situation we work with. Part of the reason for that is because we have defined our demographic and we target the most highly motivated sellers in our area.

I got a lot of the info about the house and situation from the response she sent us from our letter, that’s why my direct mail campaigns work so well. We ended up with about $150K in equity, home needs about $50K in work. This one will be rehabbed and retailed. It’s so cute, I can’t wait to get started on it!!!

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