Kathy Kennebrook On Rehabbing Vintage Homes For The Real Estate Investor

So last night I was watching Ask This Old House on TV and it was about wiring in older homes. I thought it was interesting because I knew exactly what they were talking about. They were talking about converting from old cloth wiring to new wiring that meets today’s standards.

Then I got to thinking about the hundreds of homes we have bought and rehabbed over the last twenty some years, the oldest one was built in 1895. It was a beautiful historic home that had been added on to several times over the years. What’s the oldest house you have rehabbed?

Shortly after we finished that rehab we bought the house next door to it built in 1923 and rehabbed it as well. They were both beautiful when we were done with them. There is so much wonderful architecture and history in these older homes. And we found several historic documents in the attic of the home built in 1923 which we turned over to our local library.

Working with those motivated sellers was amazing as well. If you need to learn how to buy really amazing houses, check out my website at www.marketingmagiclady.com

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Kathy Kennebrook Shares Her Latest Real Estate Investing Deal

Did I hear someone say Direct Mail Marketing Doesn’t work? Well it certainly does today!!

This lead came from one of our residual direct mail campaigns. This lady got her first letter from us 2 years ago and she has been holding on to them ever since. Last letter she got was a year ago. It’s an estate……..drum roll please……9 cash flowing rentals!!!! Boom!!!

She just sent an email with all the details I need to start working on this deal. Info on each house, appraisals on each house, cash flow charts, tax bills etc.

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Kathy Gives An Update on Coaching For The Real Estate Investor

I am getting ready to start coaching calls with my real estate investing students in just a few minutes. Based on the lead sheets and work sheets I got from my coaching students this week these calls are going to be phenomenal.

I wish all of my Marketing Magic students were as motivated and interested in growing their business as my coaching students are. These folks are a special breed, they get it!!! They want to grow their real estate investing business and become really successful. I have one coaching student who has done over a million dollars in deals using my system. I am so proud of Darryl.

I do know we got some houses under contract this week since I actually did 3 way calls with a couple of the sellers. There is nothing that motivates me more than these folks!!!!

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Kathy Updates Her Activities As A Real Estate Investor

It’s been a super busy week this week already and it’s only Wednesday. We bought another house, I had coaching calls Monday night and last night (coaching calls as usual were so amazing!) and I am getting ready to teach zoom classes this weekend. Even with this crazy market I am so busy I can’t hardly see straight.

On Sunday September 13th I am teaching a zoom class for Realty 411. Check it out and get registered for this amazing information packed event!!! Then the following Monday September 21 I am teaching a zoom class for Connecticut REIA at 6 pm eastern time.

Our newest acquisition is going to be a rehabber so that one will keep us busy for a bit and the leads just keep coming in every day from very motivated sellers. Be sure and check out my website at www.marketingmagiclady.com for all the information you need on building your real estate investing business and finding all the pre-screened deals you will ever need!!!