How to Use Promotional Items to Locate Motivated Sellers- Part 1 (Business Cards)

Finding ways to attract motivated sellers in your business is one of the most important tools in your business, since without the motivated sellers, there are no deals.

There are several different ways to find motivated sellers using a shot gun type of approach to locate as many sellers as you can. Some of these are yard or vehicle signage, business cards, t-shirts and hats, door hangers, pens, buttons, business card magnets, flyers or auto shades.

One of the things I did early on in my real estate business was to order 1,000 business cards. I will tell you that if your business cards are sitting in the box, they aren’t helping you find any motivated sellers. The first thing you need to do with business cards is to give them to everyone you meet- your grocer, cashiers at stores, toll takers, vendors such as your pool person, your lawn care provider, pest control person, waitress, etc. You can give them to your children’s teachers, other parents at sporting events or PTA meetings, healthcare providers, pretty much everyone you come in contact with. Make sure you stick one of your business cards in your bills when you mail them out.

If you have signage on your vehicle, I would suggest putting cards under your windshield wipers and in the slats by your windows every time your vehicle is parked. This makes it much easier for a potential seller to get and hold onto your phone number when they need you. As they pass your vehicle in a parking lot, they will simply pick up your business card.

If you have magnetic business cards, you can stick them to soda machines, or on metal cash registers at your local dry cleaner or butcher shop. If you have rental properties, be sure you have a magnetic business card on the refrigerator. Tenants can be a good source of leads for you as well.

You can give a stack of business cards to vendors who are out seeing people all day such as your pool person, pest control person, lawn care person, carpet cleaner, surveyor, home inspection person, anyone who is in contact with people, especially those who might be moving.

Just remember that business cards are one of the cheapest, easiest ways to reach motivated sellers, so make sure they are not left in the box. You can easily go through 500-1,000 cards per month and do lots of deals just from business cards.

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