Resources For Creating Mailing Lists

One of the Questions I am frequently asked by students wanting to implement a direct mail campaign is where to get the lists of sellers to mail to. While there are several resources available, I find they vary greatly in price quality of the lists.

There are a couple of resources for lists that I find to be especially reasonable in price and the quality of the lists are excellent for our use. One of those resources is very easy to find and use. Simply go to your property appraiser, auditors, or assessors office and ask them to put the list together for you. If your county is online this is usually pretty simple for them to do. Another source of lists is mailing list services which you can locate by going to your local yellow pages and looking under “mailing list services”.

One of the best sources of mailing lists I have found comes from a program called Real Quest. This program is a part of the services provided by First American Real Estate Solutions. Their program is designed to do a variety of things and mailing lists is just one part of it. Some of the things this program does is regarding lists to help you find the owners of properties that are vacant or rented, in divorce or partnership splits, properties recieved in an inheritance, properties in foreclosure, out of state owners and more. You can custom create your mailing lists in your own office or home at your leisure.

Some of the other attributes of this program are that it gets comprehensive information on any property including mailing address, phone number, purchase price, taxes, assessments, legal data, and mortgage information, all of which can help you determine what kind of offer you will make on a property.

Also available with the program are Document Images, Automated Valuation Models, Flood Maps,Neighborhood Demographic Profiles and Comparables.

Basically, this program provides you with a one-stop shop for all the items you need to create mailing lists, finding sellers who need to sell, and the information you need to create a win-win solution for yourself and your seller.

For more information on Real Quest, go to and click on “Information on Mailing Lists”.

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